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Full Version: wifi card with plug-in antenna?
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Hi! Anyone know if there are cards with plug in antennas to buy somewhere? I absolutely hate the antennas that stick out of all the cards I've seen sofar. Instead I would like some kind of small jack and an antenna that either hangs lose or some kind of film with a coil that could be stuck to the back of eg a Zaurus... Incredible that Sharp decided not to integrate wifi in the new clamhell model... Would have bought it instantly!
About a year ago I did a rather extensive search for any CF WiFi cards that would accept an external antenna without modification. I could not find any. I did find lots of info on adding an external antenna to the cards, but that was not something I wanted to get into at the time. I also found several PC cards that would accept external antennas. If you find one, please let me know. There are several other people on this board that would like the info also.

Could you post any links to the modification sites you found?



..."Wireless client Compact Flash card with an Agere Hermes 2 chipset and two external U.FL antenna connectors. The card supports IEEE802.11b"...

Maybe interesting for those who simply want to extend the range of their connection. Still has the pesky internal antenna sticking out...

Just had this wild idea though... Could it be that the new Zaurus has an internal CF slot for the idiotic hard drive? Would it then be possible to cannibalize it and just stick a wifi card in that slot? -Provided of course there is enough room for the antenna inside.. Just dreaming of course, but maybe. Are there any pictures online yet of an opened-up c3000?

Will probably buy a Nexio instead of the Zaurus...
I'll try to find the links again. I didn't save them that I remember. IIRC, most of the modifications were for the Netgear MA701. If I find them I'll post them here.

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