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Full Version: Help, charger chip fried?
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A friend of mine got so excited about my c750, she also bought one. Now it won't charge, and after having read through most of the topic on this forum, I've been able to conclude that it most likely was a reversed polarity fry of the charger. Now, I'm wondering, is the only way to send it back to Sharp (or buy an external charger), or would it work with a USB sync-charger? The question being, is the actual charger fried, or is it just the converter between the incoming power and the charger (which the usb system would circumvent)?

And yes, I've tried resetting the battery adjustment, which worked, but didn't allow it to start charging, and it just went down, down, down and died again.
While having the same problem, I did try to plug the charger on the usb hoping it would work ... but forget about it as it wont sad.gif
I finally sent it back to brando workshop which sent it back to sharp japan ... They initially told me repair fees should be about 30$ but finally they did'nt asked anything and sent me back the device for free ...
I'll definitly recommend brando as they've been fast, responsive and sooo cool cool.gif
Thanks for your answer, though it won't make my friend happy of course. I think she'll just let it be a brick for a few month, and then bring it to sharp directly when she goes to japan next year. Much cheaper than the postage back and forth from japan, though she'll be having quite the expensive brick until then.
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