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Full Version: Screen Ghosting
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Recently I reflashed from pdaxrom to Cacko 1.21b, but discovered that the screen appeared ghosted. So, I did a NAND restore to the original ROM and there was no ghosting effect. So, I converted the ROM to English. I don't have ghosting effect in pdaxrom either.

What causes the ghosting effect in Cacko? How can I get rid of it?

What do you mean by that? More info, please!
OK, type this at the console:

su <enter> to become superuser then

echo 75 > /proc/driver/w100/fastsysclk <enter>

the screen will flash and the ghosting will be gone, but it will come back again when you reboot. I think you can add the line to to automatically set this on bootup.

The problem was the screen refresh rate being set wrong, the above command sets it to 75, I have the same problem on cacko the last few weeks since i reflashed....
I flashed the C760 I just received with Cacko 1.21b and I had major ghosting. The procedure provided by Anonuk was the fix. I now just need to make it happen at boot. Thanks for the tip.

SL-C760, Cacko 1.21b
You may want to try adjusting the setting as discussed here
QUOTE(jerrybme @ Nov 19 2004, 01:50 AM)
You may want to try adjusting the setting as discussed here

This doesn't apply to Cacko. And actually, it didn't fix the jittering problem for me (in pdaXrom).
The thread mentioned above applys to all Zaurus "ROMs" - it basic hardware changes - anyone with shadows/ghosting/flickering should try the D+M menu settings first - after trying 3-4 times i got my settings just perfect - this also works when running Cacko - in particalur its the C860 series thats affected the most.
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