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Full Version: Most important missing/to be fixed in pdaXrom?
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We are almost done with the next and maybe final RC - so we decided to do a "poll" on what you guys would love to see fixed and/or implemented in the upcomming final pdaXrom 1.1.0.

So post your comments and wishes in this thread - and if your wish is already posted by someone else please don't repost.

We can't guarentee we can fix it or add the feature you wish for but we sure will try - except for those asking for Half Life 2 etc. ;-)

Then when we have looked through all the request/ideas we will probally setup a real poll.
I continue to have problems with libraries not linking correctly when installed to SD. I started a thread a while back for it, I could find it if you want.

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
WiFi support for a Corega WLCFL-11 card would be great. The configuration file from the company says it would work with prism2_cs, if that helps at all.

better package manager

more keyboard alternatives to mouse/pointer
I would like to be able to listen to shoutcast mp3 streams.
Three things i'd like.

1. Keep on doing what you're doing. The rom is fantastic and I cant even imagine using any pda that cant run it now.

2. On that same note, I gotta nudge for support for the 6000 series

3. Dual booting to a sharp or cacko rom would be killer

Again, thanks for this amazing rom biggrin.gif
RC5 is great the way it is, except for one gripe that I have:

Either via a config option somewhere, or a replacement package, remove the right click after 500ms 'feature' from tslib. It's VERY annoying when dragging windows around, etc. I would much prefer to run an app such as xmonobut or similar to allow middle/right-click via a keyboard press + tap with stylus.

Other than that, keep up the great work!

I'm using RC5 right now and love it, echo murple. There's there's really only three things I can think of that could make it better.

1. A setting that'll automatically underclock when you've had cpu cycles to spare for a while, say after a minute of playing mp3s. Or maybe just put a button to do that on the light and power screen.

2. ReiserFS and NTFS support.

3. The ability to transform into a giant robot.
things i would like to see.

1. a setting where you can set sd card is default location to load apps, plus formats sd card.

2. being able to set a key as right click or have one as default

3. telnet app
- a fix for ratoc usb host support (last pdaxrom's release working with it was 1.0.5 or rc2, don't remember exactly, rc3 wasn't creating device files automatically by default, rc5 isn't ever claiming about plugged devices in dmesg)
- xserver support for configuring external pointer devices, not only touchscreen one
- support for bluetooth hid
- quake 2 in the feed smile.gif
- xvkbd as a replace for xkbd
  • XMMS Shoutcast / Icecast support
  • More optimised Mplayer compile including all windows media formats enabled at compile (they're present but not enabled)
  • Remove the TSlib 500Ms click/hold feature as listed above, I hate it. It would be better to use say the home+1-3 keys to choose which mouse click is simulated when the screen is tapped.
  • Working CPU/Mem applet that automatically deducts the KAPM-IDLED process tally
  • An automatic NTP update client that always runs and sync's the clock whenever an active Internet connection is established
  • More games smile.gif
QUOTE(xiaman @ Oct 27 2004, 04:25 PM)
3. telnet app

PuTTY is a good SSH & telnet app with its own terminal emulator. See this thread for the ipk.
QUOTE(Foxdie @ Oct 27 2004, 05:40 PM)
  • Working CPU/Mem applet that automatically deducts the KAPM-IDLED process tally

This has been fixed and will be included in the next release. See this thread if you want to install it early.
Remove the TSlib 500Ms click/hold feature as listed above, I hate it. It would be better to use say the home+1-3 keys to choose which mouse click is simulated when the screen is tapped.

It seems I'm the only one to be content with this feature. It's the only way to do right mouse clicks in portrait mode.

Apropos portrait mode: Is there any chance that the font resolution problem will be fixed in the final release?

QUOTE(Christoph @ Oct 26 2004, 10:43 PM)
It's the only way to do right mouse clicks in portrait mode.

Xmonobut allows switching tap behavior through a panel applet even in portrait mode. smile.gif
I'd like the possibility to easily select different backlight level/ screen off/suspend
settings depending on my usage (something like profiles), not just by the presence
/non presence of the ac adapter, e.g. when using the zaurus as an mp3 player in my
car, the backlight can go of after some seconds/minutes, but the zaurus should
not suspend. But if surfing on my couch with wifi, the suspend after a short
time of inactivity is surely appreciated.

This could then be automated (not a wish for the rom) by binding such profiles
to running applications or availability of specific devices.

Hi :-)

Thanks very much for pdaXrom ... thanks to all developers and testers :-)

I'm missing some point in package manager ...
- upgrade button / option ... like "ipkg upgrade"
- better error messages if "no more memory free"
- see how much memory the package will use after / while installation

RC6 ... I there a new RC6 ? I saw it in many signatures of the posts ...

RC6 is only out for betatesting at the moment - its not yet stable and we wan't to implement many of the features your requesting :-)
My suggestions:

_ Support for Debian menu structure for better inter-operability between WM
(see for more details)

_ iceWM and other light WM in the pdaxrom feed

_ The keyboard focus should get back to the desktop when it is the only windows displayed. I can't get back to it using Control + TAB. Must click.

_ Applications group names should be taken from the following list:

System/Kernel and hardware
System/Fonts/True type
System/Fonts/X11 bitmap
System/Configuration/Boot and Init
Development/GNOME and GTK+
Development/KDE and Qt
Sciences/Computer science
Archiving/Cd burning
Networking/File transfer
Networking/Instant messaging
Networking/Remote access
File tools
Text tools
Graphical desktop/GNOME
Graphical desktop/Icewm
Graphical desktop/FVWM based
Graphical desktop/KDE
Graphical desktop/Sawfish
Graphical desktop/WindowMaker
Graphical desktop/Enlightenment
Graphical desktop/Other
Books/Computer books

_ People should roll up their sleeve and begin to contribute to pdaXrom feed (As people say, ... heu you first)

_ All binary packages must have there corresponding source packages in an extra feed. It would be better to do it like any other distro and only submit source code (and then build package internally)

_ In fact, I would love to see Mandrake rules or Debian rules here. Certainly for 1.2.

_ Someone already working on a developpement documentation for pdaXrom? A kind of What Where How documentation? (I'm not talking about pdaXrom team because they are already enough bother but I'm talking to you the reader)

_ Someone has time to help people to build a QtopiaX11 with nice icons, better document handling and better customisable desktop for pdaXrom?

_ Hey guys! Where is my French keyboard? Where are the annoying French accents? Someone know the name of a tools that would let us change the default X11 and console keyboard mapping so everyone could use it (even if the extra chars are displayed on the keyboard). Same thing for other languages. And GPE virtual keyboard support other languages too.
I love RC5 so far, thanks for all the efforts, keep on going

What I would like to have is a lot of money and alarms in KOPI

The thing that always bugged me is the screen "flickering". Not sure how fixable it is thought from the w100 hack. Or if fixable at all.
Requests for games, shoutcast, etc are all important, and I want those things too, but they're not things the pdaXrom dev team should be working on. You guys should be focused on the system as a platform for running apps. The rest of us should be stepping up to the plate to write apps for the platform (Thanks to the few who have already started on this...maybe over thanksgiving I can get my crosscompiler set up and join you)

The most important thing that I'm missing is support for my external keyboard (pockettop).
However, I'm not sure if that should be a feature of the OS or if it would be better implemented as an application. If the framework is already in place to allow for external keyboards (IR) and other input devices (USB mice and keyboards for when the RATOC card works), then I think you should not worry about it and let someone else implement the code for specific devices.

The other thing that irks me is the click-and-hold rightclick. Sometimes it's really nice. Sometimes it is too troublesome. Since it sounds like the functionality is implemented as a patch to TSLIB, this probably is something you guys should work on.

A nice little app that lets you turn that functionality on and off (via clicking a taskbar applet or one of the useless keyboard keys) would be a good start. Basically, a cross between how it works now, and how xmonobut worked. A mode for left click, right click, center click, and leftlick-hold-for-right-click in an app like xmonobut would be ideal to me.

I do think you should work on support for the other zauruses (Even though I don't have one), but I also think that should wait until you've got 1.1.0 finalized. I imagine the changes involved would justify a major change in version number, not a change from 1.1.0 RC6 to 1.1.0 RC7. Once we've got 1.1.0 Final out, then we should start discussing other Zauruses.

Another thing that I think should be worked on after 1.1.0 is final is an attempt to get software designed for sharp roms working on pdaXrom. But I think that supporting other zaurus models (especially the 6000 and the new clamshell) is more important.

Thanks again to the pdaXrom team for giving us such a great platform!
The most important thing for me is the Input Method. XIM or IIIMF support is the best stuff.

thanks you for great pdaXrom. biggrin.gif
I had forgotten until I saw it mentioned, but audible alarms from Ko/Pi are the most important fix for me--I need a working PDA as well as a mini laptop.

Also, it'd be nice to have an ipkg of VMware so I could run Windows 2003 as an application terminal server for some thin clients. And still the transforming into a giant robot thing.
i'd like to echo the qpdf2 idea. reading pdf docs is very important and xpdf just doesnt do a good job.
I'd like to add my thanks for the fantastic ROM. My 860 was disappointing me greatly until I installed RC5... now I dig it the most.

The additions to pdaXrom that would make me happiest would be:

* Better, more complete build of mplayer.

* Good RSS reader.

* System Tool applet for keyboard / silkscreen button / side button remapping.

* More in-built hardware support (Zaurus AirCable, RATOC CFU1, Symbol 802.11, TRENDnet CF-100).

* Defaulting to and automating installation of software to SD card (ie, eliminate jiggery-pokery).

Again, I thank you for your sterling efforts!
I would very much like to see pdaXrom have support for non-root users.

I'm not really comfortable with a *nix OS that doesn't have the concept of 'users'.
Running as user rather than root is something I rely on to protect myself from myself. (yes, I have actually done rm -rf / some_directory as root). I'm sure you can come up with many other good reasons too.

Hi and thanks for the great rom tongue.gif

My wish-list:
1. much straight forward applet to adjust screen brightness
2. applet to adjust sound volume??
3. use some other nice looking lightweight WM instead of matchbox? tongue.gif
4. XIM support would be great too
5. and yes, qpdf2 please instead of xpdf
6. a GUI to remap keys


First i want to think you (all the team) for this great job

My hope for the next release of pdaxrom is the contorol of font size

and style (bold ,italic...) of menus, such as App.launcher menu and

applications menus.

I think that the size is too small (and it is not Bold)

it is not easy to select by clicking in so small menu with so small fonts

(not bold!!!).

So if we can control the size & style of these fonts (same as fonts of desktop

via look and feel utilitie) it will be very great.

I noticed that :

1- qtconfig can not change the fonts of the applications and App.launcher menu

(only abiword is affected)

2- many persons have related this problem of too small fonts

3 - in the forum it explained how to change the size font of

all the applications, but it is not to easy for newby

it is explained that we need
c prepocessor cpp
to create a file ~/.Xdefaults

all this is not too clear and not too easy for newby

to have a utilitie to control the font size of x11 applications will be great

and very helpful

Bluetooth support in pdaXrom has been frustrating in that the hardware is changing faster than the drivers. I bought 3 bluetooth CF cards and it seems theres no drivers for them yet.
My request would be to keep your eyes open for new drivers that can be included.

I don't think anyone's mentioned explicitly that that brighness up and down keys should work by default. At the moment the only thing that affects brightness whether the battery or mains is being used, but brightness needs to be set for the ambient lighting as well as for current drain considerations.

Keys that are actually printed on the keyboard should work wherever possible - otherwise it's a bit of an embarrassment to have to explain to someone that what you see is not what you get. So to add to the brightness keys are the caps lock and delete. I can understand that the zoom keys would be difficult, so will let you off on those! I don't know about Cut, Copy and Paste, as they already work with CTRL rather than Fn.

I would like to be able to switch the power off from the keyboard, rather than fumbling around the back for the off button.
i think they are currently using Fn + 1-0 keys as F1-F10
so unless they use another key + 1-0 key to map to F1-F10, otherwise there would be key conflicts
Ah, OK. I see the concept but I don't think it's in use at the moment because Fn doesn't modify the behaviour of the digit keys. How about using one of the Japanese keys instead? But mapping digits to function keys is in itself flawed because there is no equivalent of F11 and F12. How about brightness up and down functions which can be mapped to any key?
QUOTE(Dracula @ Oct 28 2004, 06:35 PM)
2. applet to adjust sound volume??

What's wrong with the existing volume control applet?
QUOTE(freebird @ Oct 28 2004, 12:29 AM)

First i want to think you (all the team) for this great job

My hope for the next release of pdaxrom is the contorol of font size

...remainder deleted to save BW

Most important thing on my list is.. Streaming music.. and being able to play fullscreen video in X (even if movie size isn't exaclty 320x240)
Im glad to report that many, many, many of the listed issues are going to be fixed - so just hang on tight and do keep posting your request in here - but please check that they haven't already been posted before posting.
Also better wi fi configuration (simple scan for broadcasting SSID's would be nifty)
I am a self employed consultant and use my Z with Abiword to write loads of letters for doctors and colleagues etc. I don't get it, am I the only one who wants to be able to point my Z at my printer and press print?

Mostly, I would love to have printing facilities through the USB, Wireless and IR ports.

I also want a GUI to remap the keyboard and silk screen buttons.

In general I agree with most of the previous wishes.

I would be happy to compile any X11 apps that I needed - if I knew how to compile programs. Is it difficult to compile for X11 - can you make it as easy as possible? This is probably related to the request for Debian package rules and directory hierarchy structure.

Also, alarms throught KO/PI alarm applet (not really an OS feature but don't know where else to request it.)

Also standard Z-Rom apps through X11 would be excellent. just think of all of those zaurus application we could get access to. Loads of database servers and other great progs. (Or, can MySQL be compiled for the Z)

How about a Java VM. I would love to write programs for a hobby and Java appeals. Plus lots of Java apps to use.

How about KDE or Gnome apps? I suspect this is too much really. Its just that I would love to be able to use the same progs on my linux box as I use on my Z.

Definately want a DOS emulator (again not rellay an OS request)

Mostly, let me thank all the team for such a great job so far and I hope your next release is just as successful. RC5 is very , very good. Well done. (detect note of jealousy, I wish I could do what you can do)

I am going to be a bit lame and reiterate on a couple requests made first, but only since they seem essential:
* support for non-root users
* keyboard mouse control
* another pdf reader
* a gui for keyboard bindings
* precompiled alternative to matchbox, preferably something that better supports multiple desktops
* alternatives for default install, light/heavy apps

And a couple new ones:
* support for screensaver (with password lock)
* if not a taskbar from which you can call minimized apps, the "active tasks" folder on the menu
* df applet for internal and removable flash
* network traffic monitor applet- heck, why not just support gkrellm?
* more alternatives for the install partition setup, including larger root partition, /home on removeable flash, etc
* gui and support for creating/automatically mounting swap files on removable flash.

Precompiled support for (I know that some of these might be asking for much):
* sudo
* vpn
* vnc
* better nfs support - portmapper? autofs?
* ntp
* ypbind
* syslog
* apache

Some of these I will work to crosscompile myself as I can.

pdaXrom rocks! It brings my c860 as close to a minilaptop as I could desire (well, ok, I have been thinking about a FEW things...)
sudo and apache are in the unstable feed :
a real missing thing is simply a working taskbar with active tasks smile.gif
I'd really like to see the spectrum drivers patched for monitor mode support. I keep a second card just for kismet.

Also when I "hide" the taskbar it only hides the icons, not the bar itself.

that stuff would make my day

Polish fonts PLEASE!!! rolleyes.gif
Well, according to the first part of thread title "Most important missing/to be fixed in pdaXrom?", most of our posts are out of the subject. Accordind to the last part of the title "Post your wishes/request in this thread", I have doubts...

So here are more wishes, certainly out of the subject (more hope than requests):

_ manage the growing but still very small developper community arround pdaXrom and use the same kind of policy as Debian or Mandrakelinux to get contributions. Open the developpement process to other (the same way OpenEmbbeded is open to other and grow with contribution from all over the world). I mean mailing list, subversion access, easy communication between developpers, contrib repository with all packages source code...

_ Give a way to people to submit patches. Use bugzilla or any simillar strong bug tracking to be able to manage patches, bugs, wiches list and more...

_ revamp the website to something very icecandy. Same icons as pdaXrom for example.

_ manage the growing pdaXrom user community arround the pdaXrom website and from and give them (e.g. give us) simple task to enhance the wall thing.

_ create a structured page for developpers with all kind of links to interesting developper websites. Things like gnu licences, gnu tools docs, libraries docs like or, ...

_ think and discuss about how pdaXrom could make money selling the result of the community work to manufacturer like Sharp for example or planning with Sharp to introduce clamshell Zaurus in Europe, Russia or US but with pdaXrom build-in (need pdaXrom 2.0 for that).

_ Do the same thing as German Zaurus website e.g. define the specification of the minimal Zaurus which could be sold in Eu/Ru/US. (something like a bit larger SL-C3000 + wifi + bluethooth and 8 hours of battery life)

_ use rpm, rpm binaries and rpm source files or the rpm spec files to manage pdaXrom packages (+ patches, +automatic rpm update, +installation/uninstallation, ...) or completely switch to Debian deb packages and follow the old trolling post ideas ( rolleyes.gif

_ Think about the future incoming Zaurus and change pdaXrom specification accordingly (e.g. XL-C9000 with x86 compatible processor, 800*600 swiveling screen, a bit larger than SL-C series, Psion series 5mx mecanical keyboard, support for countries specific keyboards, 20 Mo harddrive, usb master 2.0, wifi, bluetooth, irDa, docking station with standard PC monitor connector+mouse+extra usb port+serial connector, audio In/Out, mic and loud speaker, 999 euros, ...) ph34r.gif

Well, it's time for me to search for a job... at last. My old financial provision has suffered and won't let me continue my long vacancy policy sad.gif. I won't be able to stop trolling on this web site thought.
One more wish: mplayer, even without x running and a 320x240 movie, won't play video at a watchable framerate for me. I'm not 100% positive it's not just me, but I've heard from others with the same problem. Watchable movies would be cool!
Just to echo some other comments, right now my 860 is a mini laptop, which is super cool, but it is a really lousy PDA. I really, really need audible alarms working in KOPI for my 860 to be truly useful as a PDA.

Here are some other things I would love:
1) User configurable hotkeys (I would like to use the calender key to launch the calender and would rather use the useless (to me) Japanese for CTRL and ALT).
2) CUPS support so that I could print to a networked printer. Failing that, an Abiword build that doesn't crash when trying to print to ps.
3) It would be great if the rom asked you to set a root password and to create a user for all normal processes by default. If I am going to use it as a portable computer, I want to configure it like I would a computer (where I use root sparingly).
4) Better documentation for the cross compiler. I would love to help out with building new packages (both for myself and for the feed), but I have had no luck getting cross-compiling working.

Otherwise, I think the rom is super sweet and thank you guys for the work you've been doing.
I'd like to amend a request and add a new one:

* There is already functionality to expand the root partition so no need to request it... m'be just make it more obvious in the install.
* There is definately a problem in the power drain for pdaXrom as a non qt based rom. With this in mind, a more intuitive overclock/underclock app and the ability to set automatic stepping with battery levels/usage would make a big difference.

I would also like to second the comments made previously about expanding the pdaXrom community. I am a new user but I am already completely sold on pdaXrom. A greater community based system for submitting bugs, patches, compiled apps, soliciting support/funds, and many of the other things listed by amrein seem like excellent ideas. Hey, pdaXrom is the only really solid departure from a pda towards a "micro-laptop" that I have found, although I have yet to try Debian's release (and Gentoo is working on one, but they are still very beta). Thats exciting! Thanks, pdaXrom!
We have many things planned for the pdaXrom website and the community - but at the moment the all our time is spent on making the rom and trying to keep up with all the questions and requests. So please be patient - the new site will feature a better bug/patch program - we haven't choosen one and most likely we will also add CVS.

We might also built the entire documentation and faq around wiki - we haven't decided on forums yet - we don't wan't to split the community into yet another forum so for now we will be sticking with this forum.

Please keep looking and yes we will be updating the entire documentation and charts etc. Hoppefully we will be much more "clean" and "prof" when we are done..

The entire website will get a overhaul and a much lighter theme and probally also more dillo friendly.
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