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Full Version: Amateur Radio Software for Zaurus?
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Hello all,

I guess it may sound as a weird inquiry... Is any of you aware of Amateur Radio software for the Zaurus platform, specifically for the SL-6000L? I'm thinking of stuff like Satellite Tracking programs, Morse Trainer, Digital Modes (PSK31, RTTY, etc.) and so on.

Thanks! N1XOI
For satellite tracking, there is PetitTrack. I played around with some source code for APRS, but since I am not an accomplished programmer and lack the serial cable to hook up my TM-D700A or my Garmin GPS III+, nor did I ever get my crosscompiling environment setup just right (my linux box also died), I never finished it. PetitTrack works very well. I have used it during field day. If I can be of any help or you just want to talk, email me at "callsign" at


thanks for replying to my posting. I have always wondered how many Amateur Radio operators hang around this forum.

Being in may cases born-tinkerers, there has to be a correlation between interest in Amateur Radio and Linux....

At any rate, I'll give PetitTrack a try and report back. I have a SL-6000L, I guess it is going to be interesting to see if and how it works on that platform.

GoLinux a.k.a. N1XOI
Recently, I started toying around with soundmodem and other packet radio related packages. I've put the packages I've built in my personal feed.
I'm still battling to smooth soundmodem out a bit: there seems to be some high frequency noise on the modulated signal. Haven't been able to try it on air yet.

Also, the people from qpeGPS have APRS support listed in their plans. I have no clue when it will be implemented, though.

Dennis, PE2DMW

P.S. The packages I built have been tested on a C860 with SharpROM 1.40JP
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