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Full Version: Strange thought...Why couldn't I.....
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This occured to me today....I know everyone uses Bluetooth to connect to the internet with the zaurus....but I thought why couldn't I run a cable from the MIc/Headphone of the Z straight to the headphone OUT of the phone and manually dial an ISP.

Is there no way to configure the Z to use the Mic-input as a TCP/IP medium?

I am a total newbie regarding hardware, so forgive me if this is a stupid just seemed theoretically possible....

try KPhone/PI - it's VoIP telephone app
I think Omicron is talking about using the headphone/mic socket on his Zaurus to connect to his phone instead of using a Bluetooth link, and use TCP or better yet serial comms over the cable.

It may technically be possible. There is a product out of Pocket PC iPAQs that turns the headphone socket into a consumer IR device using appropriate drivers. So someone would have to write software to drive RS232 signals and it would probably require a small box of tricks to convert the signals from the headphone socket into the correct form.

It's far easier though to get a SerialIO serial cable to connect the serial port of your Zaurus to your phone. Even if your phone has a special connector and serial cable too, all you need is a null modem socket in the middle to join the cables up.
To be able to use this kind of connector for serial communication yes.
To be able to use the Zaurus IN with the phone OUT and use RS-232 signal over it No. wink.gif

You would need that:
_ the Zaurus port could be programmed for IN/OUT
_ the Z and the phone should be able to echange serialised signal
_ the phone OUT should be able to be programmed to be able to receice (to be an IN/OUT)
_ even with all this, you need drivers. One for the phone to drive the IN/OUT port and communicate with the intenal modem. One for the Z for driving the port.

With all those if, it's less time consuming to use a standard serial cable + a null modem + a serial cable for the Z (or a CF serial card). This is exactly designed for this purpose (e.g. serial data exchange with other devive, modem control...).
Take a look at the packet drivers for amature radio. They kind of do what you want -- modulate and demodulate a data signal using the sound card. Of course, this signal isn't compatible with standard modem signals, so you would have to have a similar setup on the other end of the connection -- a box that would pick up the phone line and route the voice to your soundcard's audio in/out, along with the apropriate drivers. So, you wouldn't be able to dial an ISP, but you could set up another phone line at home and use that to answer & route the data through your dsl / cablemodem connection.
I think that it would be possible since the zaurus remote uses the port as sort of an i/o device. You might have to configure the dsp files,also the pin yuo would use to connect to the port should have three black stripes instead of two. cool.gif
No need to do no hack - if yuo have bluetooth you just need to emulate a bluetooth headset on the Z. There's code online - google for it.

Personally I now have wireless audio streaming to a bluetooth headset working. flite is reading me text directly in my wireless headset - sweet.

More details soon.
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