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Full Version: Ko/Pi is taking over...
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I submitted next problem on, but get no reply:

I installed the complete version 1.9.10 Ko/Pi, Ka/Pi, & Passwd-package on my C700, with the latest Cacko Rom. When it reboots Ko/Pi start immediately never to be able to stop again.
If I want to add a new appointment, the appointment-window opens, and within a second closes again, returning to weekview, and, after another second or two, the edit window opens again, after another second , again, returning to weekview, and so on, without me touching anything. If I get to press the "x" button in time, the popping stops. Samething with other functions like help. If I want to close Ko/Pi, the "Do you really want to ..." confirmation box appears, to disappear within a second and re-appear again etcetera. When I get to click the "Close" button in time, the application stops, only to start up again immediately. The app seems te use so much system resources, it is almost impossible to start another application. And if I fet to start another program, Ko/Pi keeps jumping in the foreground making it impossible to use any other application. All and all, y C700 is useles this way. sad.gif

If no-one knows hot to tackle this problem, is there anyone who can tell my how to boot in prompt-mode and uninstall Ko/Pi? This way I can return to 1.9.6, which worked fine. Sometimes a bit slow, but I could live with that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Disable fastload for your Calendar app.
Hi Z
Hi Zautrix,

thanx for your reply.

unfortunately, Ko/Pi doesn't give me the chance to disable fastload, simply by popping up immedatly after I close it! It simply doent't allow me to do anything at all on my C700. mad.gif


Are you set up to telnet into your Z if you connect it to a PC? If so, you should be able to uninstall packages with 'ipkg remove'. Since you have fastload enabled, you will probably need to reboot the Z after doing the uninstall.

I guess that this:

And if I fet to start another program, Ko/Pi keeps jumping in the foreground making it impossible to use any other application.

means that you can't start a shell window on your console either. Hm...

If you have to go into single-user mode, you may find these useful:

I've never done this, though, so I can't comment on how well they work, and what you can do. Hopefully 'ipkg remove' will still work. If not, I guess that you can always delete the executable file, boot normally, and uninstall the package in the usual way. Also, note what the first post says about having to mount / and /home manually.

Good luck,
Tjanx Pakman,
I managed to fin a file telling to start Ko/Pi to startup on boot. I deleted the entry an voila!.
In the meantime I've replaced vs 1.9.10 with 1.9.11, which works well.

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