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Full Version: free "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3" book
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Jasmin Blanchette's book "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3" can be downloaded for free in PDF format from the publisher's website:
(see the "Downloads" section)
Thanks for the pointer.
Hmmm... can anyone elaborate on the differences between Qt 2.x and Qt 3.x? I believe Zaurus versions of Qt/Embedded are from the 2.x range. Or are there any roms using Qt/E 3.x?

The book looks like a great resource but if the differences are too big I'm afraid it's of limited use for Qtopia programming.

I don't think that the differences are too big. I don't know exactly what the differences are but I compile opie-reader against QT 2 (windows and Zaurus) and QT 3 (Linux) and most of the differences are due to extra stuff in Qtopia.

I believe there is a lot more stuff in QT 3 but the version of QT on the Z has had a lot of stuff cut out compared to a full install of QT 2 so you have to get used to missing stuff any way. The basics (Slots, signals, most GUI and utility classes) all seem to be source code compatible.
Good grab! Does this site often have free downloads?

The differences are on

Thank you for the link. Teaching with examples is a good thing. The book is quite good and show how easy and powerful Qt can be.
Trolltech has done a pretty good job of maintaining backwards source code compatibility from one release of Qt to the next. Generally each release just adds a host of new features, but the basics remain unchanged.

In the book, most of the material through Chapter 7 is applicable to Qtopia development. There are some differences between Qt and Qt/E, but once you understand the fundamentals of Qt, the Qt/E documentation on Trolltech's website explains the hadful of special techniques that you need for Qt/E.
That's an excellent book. I've read it on before. It is still quite useful for Zaurus development even though you can't use everything in it. The differences between QT 2 and 3 tend to be new objects and methods. If you have every looked at the QT documentation that came with the Z you're already well aware that you can't use something just because it is in the documentation. I'd recommend this book but also keep an eye on the header files to see what you can and cannot do.

If you want the examples from the book try Safari. The url for the book is C++ Gui Programming with QT 3 and click examples, or just go straight here. There are also QT non-commercial runtimes for Mac OS and Windows which I have not seen elsewhere.
QUOTE(raybert @ Oct 29 2004, 07:03 AM)
Good grab! Does this site often have free downloads?

This particular book was released under the "Open Publication License" (other books in this series can be downloaded from here:

I've seen complete chapters of other books on the PHPTR website, but I'm not sure if they've had complete book downloads other than the OPL series books.
Qt/E 3 will not work for Qtopia programming. There are good reasons why we have stayed with qte2, but we will be moving to Qt/E4 in the future, and skip Qt/E3 all together.

If you do download that pdf of that book, you will not have a chance to use qt3 non-commercial that is on the cd. You will still need to purchase the book for that.
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