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Full Version: Connection Z to Internet
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Here are the major problems, I have been barely able to connect the Z so i can tcpip AND ping my computer, but no internet.

I made another post, there are the exact specifications of how my network is operating. To restate it to be one post, is my gateway, is my router i believe, is THIS computer, is another computer on my network...

Do i have to force my Z to be say

If you explain it, preferebly explain it as simple as possible because niether of us has any experience in network management. Anyways I read on a much older post about setting up a network but that only worked to an extent, added some ip numbers to hosts file and another one not sure of name off back of my hand.

I am not rulling out of a possibility that the built-in-firewall in my router could be the cause of this, is there a way to test? Is there a way to temporaraly disable? I am running off a Linksys BEFW1154 or BEFW11S4 - cant tell the numbers appart that well (the S from the 5) i need glasses . I think its an S

Thank you for your patience with this.
It's usually easiest to just let the Linksys Router do dhcp. In the network configuration utility, just set click the "obtain TCP/IP information automatically", same thing with the DNS settings. Having a mix of static clients (ones you tell it to be specific IP) and dynamic (where the router assigns the IP) can cause networking problems. Just set your Z to get it's settings automatically and you should be alright.

If you absolutely need static IPs, you'll have to assign it an IP address that's in the same subnet (ie. to it doesn't really matter what IP you give it in that range as long as it's not already taken. You'll have to get you're DNS settings from the Linksys router and enter those in the Z's networking utility as well. If you're still having problems after that, trying pinging websites by their IP addresses instead, like (yahoo).
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