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Full Version: HancomWord annoyance
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Well, maybe I'm missing something, but does HancomWord refuse to allow me to choose what directory I save in? I'm using HancomWord 1.6.0 on a Zaurus SL-6000L. When I choose Save As, it only allows me the choice of Internal Memory or SD Card. Choosing one, it just makes a folder by itself named for the format I saved the file in. Now, this wouldn't be too annoying if it weren't for the fact that when opening a file, it doesn't even start in the folder I last saved in.

Any solution? Or maybe a good alternative to HancomWord? I can't justify paying $49.95 for Textmaker (since the beta expires November 15th). This quirk makes Hancom incredibly unintuitive. Otherwise, it works fine for me. Thanks in advance. smile.gif
You are not missing anything. Trolltech's original Qtopia environment tries to hide the traditional filesystem concepts (such as a directory hierarchy) in favour of metadata-based navigation with file types and categories. Since HancomApps are built for Qtopia and they are closed-source (and I doubt updated versions for Opie are coming our way from Hancom smile.gif ) you're stuck with this unless you switch apps.

Ah well. Any good free or cheap alternatives?
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