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Full Version: mounting the zaurus on my linux box
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Hi, I have a SL 5500 running OZ 3.5.1
I have connected it to the USB port of my linux box (running gentoo)
How can I mount the Zaurus and read/write the zaurus file system from within linux

I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. "Mount" the Z, so like, NFS or so? I don't think that's possible, I haven't seen anything where you could use the zaurus as usb-storage (well, not right, I just did see a post about that, but I don't know how to do that stuff). But if you mean "connecting to the Z and copy/delete/edit files", then look at
You'll have a network connection, and then you can use ssh to connect, scp to copy files et al.

If that was all not-what-you-wanted, sorry, maybe someone else can help?

You can run a Samba server on your Z and use smbmount on your Linux box to do what you want.
QUOTE(jubjub @ Oct 31 2004, 01:44 AM)
You can run a Samba server on your Z and use smbmount on your Linux box to do what you want.

You can do that - I have tried it, but it's not very easy to get things working. Also, it seems a bit silly to have two Linux machines using a Windows protocol to communicate. If you've established a TCP/IP connection via USB, I think it's much easier to use sftp - in Nautilus, e.g., you can specify a folder as sftp:// .

I have also had some problems with establishing the USB-TCP/IP connection, but as I have a small network and a netcard for my Zaurus, it is really much easier to just connect the Z to the network - then you can communicate with the Z as any other machine on the network.
Just install openssh-sftp and reboot. You will now have a fully functioning SFTP server running.

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