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Full Version: CF Wifi & Memory Card
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I recently received a zaurus 5500 for a combined Christmas/birthday present. I was also given $23. Before I begin, let me preface. I'm 16 years old. Just got my first job in July, making minimum wage washing dishes (I needed money, and nobody else would hire me). Then my hand broke out with ezcema really bad, to the point that I could not close the fingers, they stank like something dead, and they wept all the time. Probably needless to say, I couldn't wash dishes anymore. I got some medicine from the doctor, which has helped it some, but still not to the point that I can go back to work. I am looking for another job, but I have already exhausted almost all of my possibilities (I don't have a car... or my driver's license).

I am in need of a CF wifi card and some form of memory card (I'm hoping to find a CF 512 or greater on ebay for cheap), and I have $23 to buy both of them. So basically I'm asking you guys to help me out. Maybe somebody is looking to get rid of such a card and does not want to bother listing it somewhere and so would be willing to part with it at a compassionately low price. I dunno. Maybe somebody knows where I can get one for cheap.

I'm not asking for it to be free. Just asking for some "understanding" and help.

Thank you very much.

Just an Update.

I am still looking for a job, but I haven't been hired anywhere yet.

Also, just a thought, but if 30 people gave $1 each to my cause... that plus my $23 would be enough to buy a 512mb cf card and a CF wifi card. Just a thought.

And hey, if there is some service that anybody needs done, I can try. I am proficient in web design - plus a whole bunch of other computer skills - and I am learning Perl.

Thanks for reading this, guys.
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