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Full Version: Is the SLC3000/C860 fragile?
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Well is it?

I dropped my Clie once before and the screen stopped working (it had a protective cover and the thing still broke). Never used it since.

What about the SLC3000/c860?
I would have to say yes.. they are... but others may disagree with me.

I have only dropped my 760 from like two feet onto plush carpet... it was in it's case and nothing happened to it. I can't imagine dropping it onto a hard surface.

that said, if you're in habit of dropping your handhelds, maybe you should get a 6000. they are ruggedized and sharp states that it can withstand a 3 foot drop onto concrete.
Yes, definitely. I had my mom sew an appropriate pouch. I'm 24 laugh.gif
In any case, it's lot more fragile than the palms I've had, and miles more fragile than the PDA I used on a daily basis before, a Psion 5.
Just today I dropped my 860 from a height of about 2 1/2 feet while getting out of my van. It fell onto the concrete driveway. Both the 860 and 4gb CF microdrive are fine, though it has a couple of nasty scratches. It is more rugged than it appears, but I hope I won't be testing that theory too often.
Dropped our demo C750 quite a few time now and so far it is still working.

I'd say it is a lot more durable than people think. But it does depend on luck as well so don't get too careless.

Always been indoors, so never straight onto a concrete floor from a great height, but other furniture on the way down...

Classic reason for my "dropping" it :

Still plugged into for charge and I forget/catch the cable while going off somewhere. Sent the unit flying good and proper a couple of time.

I'm kind of surprised it still works ok considering. It is a bit squeaker and the hinge is a bit loose compared to when I got it but it still works fine. Wife has taken to it, so will probably inherit it soon.
I think the other thing to mention is that when I'm showing my rather cool SL-C860 to anyone and I let them hold the device I'm always VERY apprehensive of them rotating the screen to tablet mode.

You can only rotate it one way (without breaking it) and hence I leave the Japanese sticker as a reminder to myself but you can easily imaging someone picking it up and attempting to twist it the other way without realising....
Good point. I too get a little twitchy as I hand it over to someone.

Having said that, not actually had any returns or requests for getting a unit fixed with a broken hinge. We do include a big sticker with our units warning against rotating it the wrong way though.

Not seen any posts on the forums to suggest it has happened very often either. Perhaps everyone is paranoid about it and so are extra carefull.
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