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Full Version: format of xmms-embedded playlists?
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I'm trying to figure out the format of playlists for xmms-embedded. I have some of it figure out but not all. I hope that one of you can will in the rest.

So far, I've determined that a playlist begins


followed by one or more entries of the form

where <name> the name of the stream and <url> is the location of the stream. For example, an entry for WBAR, the Barnard College radio station, is


I've found that xmms-embedded plays any stream whose URL ends in ".ogg" or ".mp3".

Alas, I can't make it play a stream whose URL doesn't have an extension. The notes on the xmms-embedded web site say that if I put ":mp3" or ":ogg" at the end of such a URL. All that does is make xmms-embedded terminate with a SIGABRT. How can I make xmms-embedded play an mp3 stream like WeFunk (
This may help you along the way in your investigations:

Got a file via e-mail and don't know how to open it? Downloaded a document and don't know what archiver was used to compress it? Let's try to see what TrID can tell you about it!

Hope it helps,

It turns out that I had the format correct. I was missing ~/.xmms/config. Without config, xmms-embedded used bogus values for its http_buffer. I know this because when I ran xmms-embedded under Opie Terminal, it exited on account of a failed assertion, buffer_size < HTTP_BUFFER_SIZE.

I found the solution in" target="_blank">XMMS embedded, gcc3 compatible. There is plenty of talk in these forums about xmms-embedded failing because of a missing ~/.xmms/config but only one mention of what to put in that file. This ought to be part of our FAQ!
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