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Full Version: In a pickle
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Hi All,

I have a 5500 w/sharp 2.x ROM that has a broken screen. The unit still works including the touchscreen part, you just can't see anything but the lower righthand corner of the LCD. I have replaced this(now virtually unusable unit) with a shiny new 6000. The ploblem lies in the fact that I always used the Z as a standalone unit, in other words I hardly ever sent any of it's data anywhere.

Now, I would like to retrieve my data, and I don't remember the procedure, and can not see what the screen looks like to know where to tap or anything like that.

I understand that the data fromat of the PIM apps from that far back is different from that of the 6K. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I do have an old backup (somewhere) that I could dig up. But that was made with a different computer than the one I use now with the qtopia desktop software compatible with the old 5500.

Any suggestions? I tried to include as many details as I could think of relating to my crazy quandry. Thanks much.
Once it's started up you should be able to use ftp on port 4242 to retrieve data, however you may be better off syncing (with software which works with both units - Outlook for example, but there may be others) first so you can sync back to your new unit without messing about with the xml<->dtm scripts.

Syncing (and ftp access) doesn't require anything to be done on your 5500 (so you don't need to see the screen), except that Qtopia has started up.


Just wanted to post a follow up on this issue. I was never able to sync with outlook on the 5500. I was able to do a regular sync though with QT desktop. Even though each Z uses a different version, I was able to copy the .XML files over to the other computer and sync with the 6000. Just replace the file, start the program and there is all of the old data, which synced perfectly accross the new system. Thanks again for the help.
Say, Poplav, if you're just going to toss that 5500, I'm interested in trying to grab it and swap screens with my 5000D... any interest?

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