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Full Version: Foobar'd touch-screen!
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Hi all

I've got a zaurus c860, that I've had for a few months and has been working beautifully. However, this afternoon, I brought it back from suspend and the pointer was 'pulling' to one spot, always wanting to click there. It was working fine this morning, and was not dropped or anything.

Now that I've got it home, I can see from the reflection of my ceiling that the screen is INDENTED slightly in 3 spots in the same area. There's what appears to be a moire-like pattern (colored, concentric circlular patterns) at the center of one of these indented areas, which is exactly where the pointer is pulled to. It seems like a liquid of some sort may be 'stuck' between the screen itself and the touch-screen layer. I can move this 'stuff' around slightly by pressing on the screen lightly, but cannot move it from the spot where it's stuck. The pattern shifts, etc, but does not move.

Has anyone had anything remotely similar to this happen?? I'd be devastated if this screen was screwed sad.gif Any advice???


Perhaps gentle application of heat?

Good luck,
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