Howdy folks, I reallly, really, realllllllly need your help. I have had my Zaurus C-860 for more than a week now, and I have scoured every available source for assistance on installing opie-handwriting and opie-graffiti on a Sharp ROM. I have downloaded, installed, and attempted to use ipkg with pretty much zero success. The opie-software seems to install, no problem. However, I don't get any icons and the input-method widget in the task-bar shows the keyboard only. I have tried rebooting the device after install. That didn't work. I tried to make sure I had all necessary dependencies and packages installed, but I can't be sure they all are.

Can someone please tell me:

1.) What packages/modules do I need?

2.) Where do I get them? ( has a bunch of broken links.)

3.) What is the correct syntax for Ipkg to install the modules to the internal flash?

Desperately awaiting assistance...

--Rich Parker