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Full Version: Backup to SD card??
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I got a 5500 ... kinda old ... once i lost all my data (not sure how).
I can backup calendar/contact info to an SD card, right? the data will not be deleted from Z by backing up? how much mem is needed on SD card to do this?

Which ROM?

Try doing:

# cd ~/Applications
# du

and see what the end number is.


i assume those commands will tell me how much mem i need for storing? i need to figure out how to enter commands....
maybe im in over my head....should of gotten a little black book
du will tell you how much disk space the current directory and it's children are taking up.

You probably need to install one from the Cd which came with your Z.

I'm going to assume that you're using the Sharp ROM version 3.10 or higher (go to the settings tab, select System Info, and choose the Version tab--the ROM version is at the very bottom).

To elaborate on lardman's post, yes, du will tell you how much space the directory is taking up. If you're interested in backing up ALL your application data, then use the command he gave you. If you're JUST interested in PIM data, use this:

bash-2.05$ du /home/zaurus/Applications/dtm/

It will tell you how much data you have in your contact, calendar, note, to-do, and e-mail applications (and how much room you need on the card).

The following commands will copy all of your PIM data to an SD card:

(In the Terminal application):

First, make a folder to hold the backup:

bash-2.05$ mkdir /mnt/card/dtm-backup

Next, copy the files over:

bash-2.05$ cp /home/zaurus/Applications/dtm/* /mnt/card/dtm-backup/

Alternately, just use the Backup/Restore application (in the Settings tab). It not only backs up application data, but the applications themselves, and any other files you have in your Internal Storage. I use it all the time, works great. If you have a 32MB SD card you have enough room (the Zaurus only has 32MB of storage to work with).
I have SL-5500 with Sharp Rom 3.13.
I just use the Backup/Restore program to backup to my SD card.
It backs up everything stored in ram, not just bits and pieces.
So if you have to do a hard reset, you can get everything back just the way it was.
Do your backups on a regular basis, and you don't have much to worry about.
It's much easier for me.

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