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Full Version: Z locks up when I turn it on quite often - why?
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One thing I've noticed is that many times (and I've flashed about 10 times so I can't blame this particular installation instance) when I go to turn the Z on (using the On/Off/Cancel button) the Z screen turns on and shows me my launcher--sometimes with the light on and sometimes with the light off--but then I can't do anything.

In fact, it seems the only way to recover from this is to flick the Normal Op/Rep Battery switch on the back and let it reboot.

This happens about every 3rd time I turn it on.

Sometimes I have to do a hard reset (cases when the screen turns on with no light and no responsiveness).

I am running a 5500 with OZ 3.5.1. Could this be an OZ thing? Or an Opie thing? Or is it a Z thing?

Is this related to the double-reset bug (which supposedly is temporarily cured by suspending then turning back on--clearly not what's happening here as it's on a resume from suspend that it goes wonky)?

Thanks all. I hope there is a cure that I just haven't found yet.

Don't know wot the deal is there, but all I can say is it happens to me ALL THE TIME. I reboot the silly thing more often than I want to admit. It SEEMS to happen if I rush ahead and start giving events before it properly comes out of suspend, but that could just be a rough impression.

How long do you wait before rebooting? I used to do that a lot but I find when I wait for 10 - 15 seconds it does eventually wake up. Haven't had serious lock-ups since my software selection stabilised and I stopped using the package manager...

Well, I guess I have to wait longer.

vputz: Are you also using OZ 3.5.1?

I just wonder what the cause of this is?

Yes, OZ 3.5.1. This is really the first OZ I've used, and it's breathed so much life into my li'l 5000D that I'm willing to work around the pauses, but it IS extremely annoying.

Zen, often it is non-responsive for up to 10 seconds and DOES come back... other times it never seems to come back at all, and after about 30 seconds to a minute I lose patience and reboot. It appears to be buffering events, because I will occasionally, say, turn it on with Opie-Reader paused, read the page, and scroll down... nothing, nothing, nothing, then many seconds later the buffered events come back and I whip through a few pages instantly.

Workable, but extremely annoying.

I agree it's annoying but to me it's par for the course for an "unstable" release. I do wonder whether the developers are aware of the exact behaviour - the OzReleaseNotes only list a "slow resume" problem...
Well, now I've read the release notes and I realize I should have known about this earlier.

Here's the thing: (and this goes back to another conversation about documentation)...

Not only is there a ZUG FAQ page on Open Zaurus with no information on it, but there is also an page (with a new site with very little information on it), an page containing the old site which I can't find anymore (with a recent post that 3.5.1 is released and a whole bunch of info from older releases), an wiki with info on OZ 3.5.1 install that I seem to only be able to quickly navigate to by googling it first, an Opie site with a FAQ and a post that 1.1.6 has been released, but no help files for individual apps, etc. (but an OK FAQ), and many posts here with good information.

I have now found a file called ReleaseNotes for OZ 3.5.1 telling me where to find the actual release notes information here: so I should have known where to go looking for them online, BUT, I only started with OZ 3.5.1 in this directory,sl5500/ (the images) and this directory (the feed) and never found info regarding release notes in either of these dirs.

Man oh man. We have got to fix the docs for this project. I know I'm new to this project, but I will certainly submit anything I can, time and experience permitting. This is bad (but don't get me wrong--I love OZ and will stick with it!!! I can't believe how great it truly is) but fixable.

I'm just glad I know where the release notes are now. smile.gif

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