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Full Version: No Space on Device (SD)
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I've got a 256mb SD card (Sandisk) in my Z. I've been using it for about 2 years (tops), and it was 71mb free. Suddenly yesterday my Z has started to complain that there's no space left on the device when I try to scp files over to the card.

I've tried writing a file in vi (with contents of course) only to find out that I can't write these files to disk. I can touch files, but not add content. There's tonnes of space available on / (1 meg or so), so that's not the issue.

Is this a card failure thing? Is there something I'm missing? I've got an SL-5000d with OZ 3.3.5.


# cd /mnt/card
# du

to see which directory is taking up all of the space.

Perhaps run fsck on it...?

The du is reporting the way I want to, in that nothing unexpected/untowards is happening. However, I haven't fscked the card in ages/ever. Maybe it's time. I guess I'll unmount it and everything. Very scary.

--chayim ohmy.gif
There have been some reports of Z's mounting the SD cards as read only after a reboot or a suspend. It hasn't happened to me, but that is also something you might want to check.
I've fscked the sd card, and I guess we'll just wait to see what will happen. Thanks for the idea.
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