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Full Version: mognet java wireless sniffer + logger compile help
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this looks like a great program to sniff wireless but I can't find binary anyplace ... I've never compiled java before... I'm running a standard sharp based ROM ... and would appreciate any help in getting this java program to run on the Z.

If you coudl recommend a java dev kit that is known to compile correctly for teh VM on the sharp zaurus I would like to hear it.

This is the first thing I have ever tried to compile. While I have no problem learning how to, If someone wants to take it upon themselves who might have more experiance, all the files are here.
I'll help however I can... This is a great mix between kismet, and ethereal. It would be right at home on the Z smile.gif

Once we get this compiled and running on the Z, I'll make an IPK for it.
What about Wellenreiter or kismet?

I use both of those tools. Took awhile to get wellenrieter to work, and it's still nto tested, but at least it's reconizing my network card now.

The real appeal of this app for me is that it converts between asci and hex. So i can sniff headers, and see exactly what is in it all at once.. Instead of trying to log packets with kismet, then start up ethereal to analyze them. (I don't have a working version of ethereal on my Z anyway)

and since it's java, this app should work with all versions of the ROMs, for both 5x00 and clamshell series.

So I gues I'm less interested in just wardriving with this app... it's useful for after a netowrk has been found, to see what is going on, and assist in site survaying. (wich the other tools aren't really fufilling in this way)
OK well it's moving forward. I got it on my Z, and I added a runmognet file

It's trying to run, but I get an error saying
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/sourceforge/jpcap/capture/RawPacketListener

So it looks like I just don't have the jpcap library installed? I'll keep looking for it : but if someone could help point me in the right direction of how to get jpcap running... or exactly what this error means :: I'd apprecaite it smile.gif

yes, you're missing a library. According to the package name "net/sourceforge/jpcap/capture/" you may find the lib here:

So do I need to extract the contents of the rpm package?
I use debian on my linux box, but it's a bit busy right now, so I can't get to it ::: instead I'm emulating knoppix through my windows box :: should be enough to be able to use alien to convert the rpm (or at least extract what I need). . .

Since java is interpreted, so shouldn't need to cross compile anything, right? Just through the lib into the right place?

and do you know *where* the right place might be?? or an easier way to extract a rpm?

this is the content of the rpm:


You may try alien, but i dont know, if this fits into the Debian architecture. The shell script /usr/bin/jpcap may help you to find out, how to bring the application and the library together.

As i can see, the main library is net.sourceforge.jpcap-0.01.16.jar. Put this into the CLASSPATH of the application. The shared library contains native code and has to be accessable through LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I don't know, if the thirdParty-libraries are needed. Try this out.

The shared library contains native code and has to be accessable through LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I don't know, if the thirdParty-libraries are needed. Try this out.

This will be a binary file so you'll need an arm version (OZ has it, not sure for other ROMs).


ooh yes, i forgot sad.gif

But you need the libjpcap which is not part of OZ. So you will need to compile it by yourself for ARM.

(Maybe i have some time next week to try to compile)

I've never cross compiled anything, so if you do get a free moment I would be very thankful.

I'm sure this jpcap library has alot of other interesting uses other than simply mognet as well wink.gif look at all the tools that are using pcap.
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