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Full Version: Northern California (San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento!?)
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I know a bunch of people in the LUGs in my area (Davis/Sacramento) and LUGs I visit often (SVLUG in San Jose) have Zauruses. Anyone else want to form a local ZUG?
there is already a SF ZUG, would you like to create a ZUG for the davis/sac area, and when possible the two ZUGs can combine meetings, including SJ people?

Hi offroadgeek,

I'd like to start a Silicone Valley group.

While it's nice in principle to have everyone in the Bay Area all part of one large group. I don't find that it's practical in reality (for me at least) if the group wants to meet in person. This is due to the traffic situation in the Bay Area.

The last thing I want to do usually is drive an hour up to SF and then spend more time looking for parking to go to a meeting and then turnaround and do the same thing. Especially after working all day. This assumes meeting in the evening.

On the other hand, if there's a local Silicone Valley group nearby (I'm in Los Altos) then I could meet with people from this area easily. Could be lunchtime or evening and drive is not an issue. I work for myself and so it's difficult for me to find time to go to meetings unless they are really convenient to do so. Hence the desire to have a group in my area.

By Silicone Valley, I mean from Redwood City down to San Jose including the towns inbetween of Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, etc....

This doesn't mean that there should never be larger meetings of the various ZUG's in the Bay Area. Perhaps if there was a special presenter, etc then all the groups might meet in one place.

Hope the above makes sense... ;-)

If the groups are only virtual groups that meet online, then just ignore all of the above ;-)


Soon to be C760 Owner
Hi Mark - I completely agree! I wouldn't want to drive to San Jose for a meeting (after work that is). We can have as many groups as we'd like, and I'd imagine that there are enough Z users all over the bay area to form several local groups. Then maybe all the bay area groups can meet every couple months (or something) for a big get together.

What name would you like for the ZUG (Silicon Valley?).



p.s. where/when did you order your 760? I ordered a 760 from Dynamism, and am hoping to get it early next week. I also have a 5500.

<edit> I saw your other post... it would be cool to get together to compare differences between roms (dynamism changes vs. conics hack done by you, or whatever)
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

Glad you agree...lets go with ZUG Silicon Valley that way it encompasses the area I described.

I agree, it would be great to compare work in SF?
If so, maybe we could meet for lunch one day after we get our 760's. Will send you private message about that...

I'm hoping to have mine next week too...I hope....


I've setup the forum and group, and made you moderator. Please post a welcome message in your new forum.

Thanks and welcome to the site!

Thanks, will do!

Is there a user group in the san fran area? If so , I'm interested in coming by. I know there are some local Linux user groups, but want to know if there are any for the Zaurus.

there is indeed - SF ZUG... I was just thinking that it's about time that we meet... last I checked we have 13 members...

I'll post a note in the SF forum with some possible dates and locations
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