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Full Version: Problem with mime magic
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I don't know what I did to break this, but all of the sudden file returns error:

/etc#file fstab
fstab: file: invalid type 0 in mconvert().

and tar:

/mnt/card/Documents/Install_Files#tar xzOf zuc_1.1_arm.ipk ./data.tar.gz
tar: invalid compressed data--format violated

I'm sure these aren't the only two porgrams affected, but the only two I've noticed so far.

Anyway, where is the mime magic file on these? I'm running a zaurus sl6000 with the original rom.

The first problem can be fixed by
sudo file -C -m /usr/share/magic
sudo file -C -m /usr/share/magic.mime

The second may be realted to the first, but most probably you are trying to install an oe/oz/opie formated ipk (they use ar instead or gzip to compress the tarball) - search the forums you'll find buckets of info on this as well as how to convert them

Excellent. The first problem is solved, and I'll search on the second. Thanks.

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