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Full Version: Apache-php software memory problem?
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I've installed:

to enable me to run phpWiki on the Zaurus.

Configured it and it runs, however there seems to be some problem with memory.

It starts fine and so, but after I go through a couple of pages in phpWiki, maybe edit one or two, everything on the Z slows down to a grind and eventually I have to reboot.

This even with a 64 MB CF swapping file enabled.

Is there some problem with MySQL or apache taking up more and more memory?

How can I analyze what's going on and solve it?

Thank you.

MySQL+Apache/PHP+Opera is very memory consuming.
I had the same problem, but I could work using a 8MB swap in my SD card. At least I can use some php apps in my zaurus without hanging.
My MSQL storage files are also in my SD card.
I guess your problem is how heavy your php code is, I mean if it has a lot of instructions to execute.

Good luck

Neto G.
QUOTE(netog @ Nov 8 2004, 06:15 AM)
MySQL+Apache/PHP+Opera is very memory consuming.

Apache is very memory conservative. It is most likely a misconfigured MySQL-daemon that is problematic. Try adjusting (i.e. lowering) the values /etc/my.cnf or wherever your my.cnf is located.
It is probably this, since when I run it, I look at running processes there's three MySQL processes, each taking about 20 megs of memory, ridiculous.

Can you tell me how to edit the my.cnf down to a minimal memory-intensive configuration.

Can't look now, the Zaurus is rebooting again because the MySQL hung the computer again, but I went into the cnf file, which was there just out-of-the-box and there were two values set at 16M, which I changed to 1M. Doesn't seem to have helped things though.

What can I do?
Hmmm, what I've found. I opened the process watcher window and now - everytime I browse to another page in the phpwiki a new MySQL process is opened, each one takes 7.6 Megs now. However the old ones don't get terminated.

So now after browsing a couple of pages, I have 10 8 meg MySQL processes in memory, now wonder it brings the Z down everytime.

It shows their status as S, which I assume is Sleeping.

But shouldn't they just be terminated.

Is this somehow affected by the settings in the cnf files.

How do I configure so that they're terminated after the page is displayed?
I have not encountered your specific issues since I use flat file db for the Wiki, not mysql. However, it is known that phpWiki has issues with memory consumption.

Anyway, just yesterday Reini Urban, the main phpWiki developer, posted a message to the phpWiki mailing list saying that he has done some major rework in the WikiDB and streamlined the process a lot. Quotes from his mail: "This improves the mysql backend a lot. There's no locking anymore on simple browse, and reduces the numnber of queries from typically 25 to 15 per page view." and "All tests run through and there's no memory problem anymore, but I have to recheck on more platforms and php version."
QUOTE(LadyBug @ Nov 10 2004, 06:23 AM)
I have not encountered your specific issues since I use flat file db for the Wiki, not mysql.

Can I use a flat file database for phpWiki on the Zaurus? Maybe this would simplify stuff...
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