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Full Version: qtopia sdk problem
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My goal is to get the qtopia sdk going so I can start playing with code.

I'm on redhat 9. I've followed the HOWTO to the letter, but when I get to the point where I try to compile the example...

[root@localhost root]# source
Altered environment for Sharp Zaurus Development x86
[root@localhost root]# cd example/
[root@localhost example]# tmake -o Makefile
[root@localhost example]# make
gcc -o example main.o example.o examplebase.o moc_example.o moc_examplebase.o -L/opt/Qtopia/lib -lqpe -lqte
main.o(.text+0x1d): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `QPEApplication::QPEApplication[in-charge](int&, char**, QApplication::Type)'
main.o(.text+0x3e): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `QPEApplication::showMainWidget(QWidget*, bool)'
main.o(.text+0x46): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `QPEApplication::exec()'
main.o(.text+0x59): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `QPEApplication::~QPEApplication [in-charge]()'
... etcetera etcetera

Any ideas?


howto link:
Hey guys, thanks for no replies tongue.gif

Anyways, I got the 1.7 SDK up and running finally. I decided fighting gcc296 wasn't worthwhile.

Just a followup. I have gotten the example application to compile and run on my C860 after spending most of the day banging my head against my desk.

If anyone needs a hand, I'll try and help.

The gist of it was, use the and files from the HOWTO, but use the qtopia 1.7 sdk. Since I improperly removed 1.5 before installing 1.7, I got all kinds of BS, until I got rid of them both completely and forced a reinstall of the 1.7 rpm. Then, although I could compile for x86, compiling for arm gave me all kinds of reference undefined errors. I had to add libs in the tmake.conf (thankfully I found a post in google cache that lead me to it), and then finally it compiled for arm, but wouldn't run on the C860. I had to remove -lqtopia from the tmake.conf.

Now I'm flying high, with the equivalent of hello world running on my z! wink.gif

Good luck.

Hey, thanks for the legwork! I wish this was useful to me rolleyes.gif

It's always more fun working it out yourself tongue.gif (Doesn't help hair loss though wink.gif )

Anyways there were some nasty problems with gcc 2.9.6. I used the gcc_old RPM package (gcc 2.6.5), but then I have SuSE.

If you're using gcc 3.x then you'll run into compatibility issues with libraries on the Sharp ROM because they changed the way libraries are linked between 2.9.x and 3.x
If you write an app under qtopia 1.7 and then try t o run it on a Z with qtopia 1.5, are there any problems with the libraries? Or is it strictly differences in what apps and small features are included?
No problems. You need to ship libqtopia1 though, which contains a couple of things new since qtopia 1.5.x
zenyatta, tumnus, and the rest, thanks for the support.

Sounds like the "most compatible" setup is gcc 2.95 and qtopia 1.5. That's because 2.96 has issues, and 1.7 requires you ship the new libqtopia.

I'll try to get this working soon, since I am now aware I may run into compatibility issues sticking with 1.7 and gcc 3.x. It'd be nice to be able to switch between 1.5 and 1.7, though. Anyone doing that? Is it possible to stick with the latest and greatest without "shipping" the new library, if you know what you're calling?

Mickeyl - if you feel like throwing a n00b a bone, how do you go about shipping libqtopia? Do you just install it next to the older libqtopia?

libqpe is not really the "older" libqtopia as both provide different classes (iirc, I don't follow qtopia ver y closely) Yes, you would just install libqtopia1.
That would explain why I had to remove libqtopia (-lqtopia) from the tmake.conf... it doesn't exist on my Z. wink.gif

The 1.7 sdk can be used to create apps for Sharp rom, provided you remove the -lqtopia from tmake.conf as he has done, and thus would not need to install libqtopia.

Qtopia is backwards compatible.
QUOTE(lpotter @ Nov 10 2004, 09:10 PM)
The 1.7 sdk can be used to create apps for Sharp rom, provided you remove the -lqtopia from tmake.conf as he has done, and thus would not need to install libqtopia.

Qtopia is backwards compatible.

I have the same problem with SDK 1.7 and SuSE 9.3.
But from this thread I cannot undestand what I must do to compile it?
I removed -lqtopia from tmake, but the same problems.
HEEELP !!! huh.gif

Thank you.
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