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Full Version: unstable feed problems?
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is it just me (or my z) or is there something wrong with the unstable feed?

I can't seem to install any apps from the feed, either from the package manager or 'ipkg install packagename'

for some reason wget resolves just fine, but ipkg doesn't (gets a 404)

any suggestions?
It's not just you ;-)

I had the same porblems some hours ago.

I'have no clue why though.
although it's not always up to date, you could try:

I found that I could not access the most recent additions to /unstable but could still install earlier .ipk files. I managed to download the recent files with a browser, transfer to my Z, and install them, so perhaps it is a recent problem (entries to the package file?) rather than the recent additions themselves.
I figured out, that it's a problem with the feed's Packages file. The names of the newer packages have a space on the end. So, running a "sed 's, $,,'" on the packages file should do it..

grusz, jabbath
some time ago it stopped working, maybe errors in the Packages file... I don't know
There are no problems related to the feed no longer - but people must make "proper" IPKs when uploading them.

Any particular files your having problems with?
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