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Full Version: 5600 battery/power problems
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I was working on an add-on battery pack (search for Altoids power pack), and had no idea what I was doing. After I tested it and didn't see any results, I recharged and after that... my battery meter only shows a 50% charge. It really quickly drops down to 25 and right now I'm testing how long it stays there. Thinking I fried the battery, I went on over to Amazon and dropped $90 on a new battery. Needless to say the girlfriend was less than happy. So it arrived today and I thought all my troubles were done, but now I find myself in the same situation. That tells me that it is something with my Z.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or ideas? I would really hate to have to tell my girlfriend that I need a new 6000.
i have a fant memory of when something like this has happend to my 5600... i think a flashing the rom helped.... good luck
also i would add it would be wise to check out the votage of the batts and make shure there correct (might need a load on them)... and there is a section i beleave in the nand menu to where you can fine tune the battery but your on your own there.... (you been warned).. now if i remember correctly the powerpack that you built uses 9v batts and if so you most likely messed the Z up (blew a fuse in that has to be sodered in?) i think the Z can take a range from 4.8-5.2 but 5.2 is pusing it
zen_cabbie: Are you still experiencing a problem where you Z battery drains really quickly? I plugged mine into a solar charger set at 12v and it just shut off right away. Finally got it running after trying to on the charger for hours. The battery would charge and then drain within a few hours. I purchased a new battery and external charger thinking the charging system was fried. Same thing happens though. I'm not sure what fuse to look for or what it would look like. I have a SL5500 and have opened it many times.
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