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Full Version: For Pocketop/all other keyboard users
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you guys probably knew it
but i just shout out for those who didn't know

i tried it on RC5
don't work at all

the status keep telling me it's not running no matter what

can anyone try it?

maybe the problem just me
no one uses pocketop keyboard here?
It doesn't seem so, maybe you could try to contact the authors of xirkd
i used to use my pocketop keyboard with the cacko rom... I loved it!

it would be great it we could get this to work on pdaxrom...
its one of the things holding me back from pdaxrom, i use my pocketop everyday in university, unfortunately still using hancom word - would love to use abiword with it!!
I have a pockettop keyboard too. I'm still hoping someone can get it running in pdaXrom. I don't really have time to fiddle around with it.
FWIW I have one too but I don't use it now that I have the C860 keyboard. The pockettop keyboard is hard for me to use in the terminal which is where I do most of my typing. As far as typing documents goes it's more uncomfortable for me to type at the extra small pocketup then to peck at the C860. Probably becuase I'm not trying to touchtype up to speed.
I too have an unused pocketop keyboard that I would like to use with pdaXrom. I personally would like a bigger keyboard than the pocketop, but being able to use the pocketop would be a big improviement for trying to type longer documents.
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