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Full Version: SL-C3000 / ROMs
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Shall we have chance to have a rom developped for the C3000 ? :

I mean, Is somebody working on a Cacko, a PdaXrom or an OpenZaurus rom at this moment ?

I received mine this morning : can i help someone to accelarate the process ?
I don't know how many ROM developers have 3000s on the way, or how long it may take to get a rom designed for the 3000. The unit's similarity to the 860 is going to ease the process, but the different processor, video chip and storage requirements mean that it isn't going to be a drop in replacement.

For the time being, I suspect that an English converted Sharp rom is definitely going to be the only option for the really early adopters.
I asked the same question in both the pdaXrom and OpenZaurus forums. Laze in the pdaXrom forum did not give me any hope for pdaXrom on the C3000 anytime soon. He basically said that we will have to wait until they have a C3000 to work with. Mickeyl in the OpenZaurus forums gave me the impression that porting OZ to the C3000 should be relatively easy. We will have to wait until the source code for the C3000 ROM is made available, though, which could take a few weeks.

By the way, I also received my C3000 yesterday. I have had precious little time to play around with it, though sad.gif. What are your impressions thus far?
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