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Full Version: Mognet wifi specific analyzer
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Mognet is totally at home on the Z... since it runs in java, it will run across all the series without modification.

Here's a screen shot and the tarball

This tool is perfect, it's a mix between kismet and ethereal biggrin.gif You can sniff directly from this tool itself, then discect the packets in asci OR HEX. I can think of lots of time I need to look at what's actually in 802.11 traffic.

i've managed to get it to run on the Z, but i'm stuck with a package dependancy. I get this error:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/sourceforge/jpcap/capture/RawPacketListener

So I need the Jpcap library package. . great it's found here:
Jpcap sourceforge

oookie :: so here's i'm stuck. There is no arm version, so I don't have a cross compiler. (or an extra machine to set one up) sad.gif here are the contents of the .rpm

looks like the is a binary, which would need to be compiled for ARM. am I mistaken? everything else in theory should work. . . I don't know java or dependancies enough to figure it out alone. Please help! Does anyone know where to find a jpcap for the Zaurus? It is just the java version of Pcap, someone must have already ported something that fucntional and useful! and if not, let's figure it out biggrin.gif
I didn't take a look at the package, but a quick guess would be that jpcap requires gcj (Java to native binary compiler) to build. Unfortunately, I don't know where you can get a copy of gcj for the zaurus... it's something I've been looking for myself.

Has anyone built a copy of gcj for the Z?

- ashikase
- anpachi, gifu, japan
Has anyone built a copy of gcj for the Z?

Is it part of the standard GCC build (i.e. can it be enabled by altering the --enable-languages parameter passed to ./configure when building GCC?); my understanding is that it can be.

If so, it should be very easy to alter the OZ build to enable Java (assuming it's not already enabled).

However, for those of you running old libc versions (read: any ROM but OZ ;-), this won't help you much as any binaries which are produced will require an up to date libc.

since java is interpreted ... wouldn't evm be able to work with jpcap after it was built? I don't understand the ins and outs of compiling very well ... so excuse if that is just plain stupid to ask tongue.gif but interpreted lanuguages shoulnd't matter I thought?
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