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Full Version: icons to apps gone
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i have a 750 with rc 5 an sd card with ext3
i had loaded lots of apps to the sd card .
i just did a hard reset and now all the icon have gone i can load the apps from aterm, but that is slow. is there a way to get the icons back . or do i have to reload . if so ,is there a way to make icon permenant.

Do you still see the desktop, ie the folders or nothing at all?

in the first case:
try something like :

ln -s /mnt/card/usr/share/applications/* /usr/share/applications
ln -s /mnt/card/usr/share/pixmaps/* /usr/share/pixmaps

in a shell and restart X ( Control - alt bs to kill it)

in the second case:
do you you matchbox and openbox?
try to run matchbox-desktop
(which is normally loaded from /usr/bin/mbsession script inside the /home/root/.xinitrc script
my problem was the first case
tried what you said and it worked
thank you very much
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