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Full Version: anyone have a good editor for java code?
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I'm looking for 2 things.

1. a good editor with syntax highlighting for java

2. how to enter a curly brace - there is no key for this on my 860 keyboard

I would check out the Zaurus Software Index and have a look at the developer tools, there's something called Tiny Class Developer that may be of use.

As for the {} braces, that depends on the ROM and what Keymapping features it gives.

I use Cacko 1.21b and with EN mapping (not UK) those symbols are mapped to Fn+O and Fn+P (when UK Fn+P=£).

- Andy
Hi, I'm looking for the same thing.

I just installed and attempted to run MinIde and EIDE on my 6000 and they both failed to run.

Is Cacko a new rom? I don't want to reflash my sparkling new 6000.....

Anyone know of another texteditor with a compile feature? Heh, I'm not picky, I don't even need syntax highlighting....

Edit; tinyclasseditor runs but I played with it for 5 minutes and couldn't immediately use it (ie I'm dumb). I just want to edit source and compile. Guess I'll keep looking....

Edit; zedit works really well, no syntax highlighting or compile facility but thats ok.
I was also looking for a good java editor. First I tried vi with java syntax highlighting, but somehow the vi for the Z (vi@killefiz) doesn't work well for me.

So I tried jed (jed@killefiz) and it works nicely, syntax higligting, indenting, etc. but I wasn't able to make the java 'tab completion' work, which I found as a jed s-lang plugin: jdoc That's a pity as this would be really a killer feature sad.gif

Anyway I find java development on the Z quite a pain in the a$$, as I'm usually using ant (works with the Z's J2ME jre when adding the jdk 1.4.x rt.jar to the classpath). But ant is quite slow on the Z and you will spend much time with watching it building, *sigh* But it works at least.

An interresting thing could be also the curses based (textmode) IDEs which exist. Like RHIDE

happy hacking
I have been playing recently with tkcEditor I got it with my Z when I bought it off of ebay, and only recently started playing with it, but the syntax highlighting seems fairly solid.
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