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Full Version: Backgroups pics for lanscape and portrait
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how do you get a backgroup picture that looks good in both orientations? I've tried several landscape type pics on my 860 - even high res 1600*1200 and they work fine in landscape, but when you switch to portrait mode they always have the top of the pic reproduced below the main pic.
I think you can "oversize" the pics so that in each orientation, the Z will not tile the pics. I have a 5500, so am not sure about the 860's use of the background pics.
I don't see where you can "oversize" the picture. Some of the bitmaps are way bigger than 640*480 but it seems to resize them to fit the landscape 640 by 480 and then it uses that smaller picture and tiles it in portrait.

The only thing that works well on both landscape & portrait are textures that are tiled. Images just don't work well as well.
Make the image square (640x640) that way there will be no tiling - the old TKC rom used to have a cool backgroung image that looked nice either way.

clamshell at least will resize anything not 640x480 or 480x640. Even if you keep the proportions the same, it will be distorted. I find the best pictures (excluding tiles) are the ones that are a monchrome background with objects not touching the sides. The clamshells tile images by default.
My bad, I didn't catch all the info in your post. . .

My experience is only with the 5500 series. I can't afford an 860 yet (still saving and lusting though).

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