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Full Version: Mini A Usb Cable For Sl6000 In Uk?
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I'm a (very) happy owner of a Zaurus SL-6000 with just one little imperfection in my enjoyment of my new laptop-replacement.

That little piece of grit is that I cannot find a USB Mini-A (or On-The-Go A) Male, 5 pin adapter to allow me to use the USB Host capability of the SL6k.

Anyone know of a supplier who ships to the UK? Or, even better, a UK source for these cables?

It's unfortunate that Sharp have been very good about using the correct adapter, but there aren't any other products (that I'm aware of) that have a mini USB host, so the cables are amazing rare.

Any help gratefully received.
Wondering if you found an answer to this as I've just got my SL6K and want to connect to
my digicam.

What I have done is bought the SerialIO zLink cable from Not cheap, but a
quality cable. I was surprised that it actually plugs into the Sharp I/O port on the bottom
of the SL6K and the other end is a male A. I had expected it to go into the mini-A but don't
really mind!

Next plan is a female USB A to female USB A adaptor and this should connect to the digicam.
However, I need to sit in a darkened room with a meter to check whether I need to do any
crossing over.

Of course, the best plan would be a female A to male mini A (your original question) to adapt
my existing camera cable.
I've not succeeded in finding a UK source but I have discovered that the iRiver America store sells an accessory for their Portable Media Player that is exactly what I'm looking for (and only costs $4.99) but they don't deliver to the UK mad.gif

So I'm currently trying to persuade an American to buy one and post it to me.
Some IRiver accessories are stocked in the UK by at URL=][/URL], but unfortunately they don't seem to stock the mini-A cable though sad.gif Perhaps it would be worth an email to them to see if they could stock some though?

Probably unlikely, but might be worth a shot at least...

Still looking for the cable. I've deliberately bought the "wrong" one and will be trying to engineer it to see what happens. Will be taking a look at the USB OTG electrical spec first.
Is this the cable you're looking for?

If so I don't mind giving it to you but you'll have to arrange collection because I don't have time to arrange postage. It came with my mobile (Sony Ericsson V800) and I don't use it as I have a card reader / bluetooth enabled laptop.

Send me a PM if you're interested.
Hard to say Foxdie, but thanks for the offer. The mini-A is unlike most mini-As you'd
see in the shops or online. I'll try and ascii-art the differences;

| |
( ooooo )

Above is the "normal" mini-A you see everywhere.
/ \
( ooooo )

This is the Sharp mini-A. The upper half has sloping sides.

What do you think?
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