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Full Version: Nyc Zaurus Addicts Roll Call!
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Everyone in the house with a zaurus stand up, say hi, and show some pride wink.gif

My name's Daniel, I'm a computer programmer/administrator and (returning) college student. I bought my first Z, a gleaming new 5500 around then turn of the century (haha), and bought my second Z, a new C860 a couple of months ago.

Right now I'm doing the following things with my Z:
- trying different ROMs
- exploring what is involved in setting up a custom OS
- experimenting with the Qtopia SDK
- using the Z to take notes (FreenoteQT)
- using the Z for remote SSH access (and VPN if I get to it)
- recording audio on the Z

I use my Z with GPRS all the time, which is very handy for a quick email check or ssh session.

It'd be nice to have a meeting some day for the NYC ZUG (maybe possibly as a SIG within a linux user group or 2600 meeting or some such thing) but in the mean time, represent!

Someone try to organize one maybe a year ago, but I don't think it panned out. I'm a unix admin too.

Thought you might find that interesting. Maybe we can open a new Zaurus group.

The mega board known as has launched a wildly ambitious enterprise aiming to revolutionize communication and collaboration between hardcore Zaurists in the New York City metropolis.

Beer will be served. wink.gif

btw, I just put any random date down as the first meeting date. Disregard that for now unless we all decide on a particular date...


I'd be intrested in attending happy.gif. I just rescently purchased an SL-C3000 and have many (ambitious) side projects that I wanna do. Although I haven't toyed much with linux I do use FreeBSD religiously ph34r.gif and host some sites off another BSD box in Miami my hometown. I'm currently a student of Computer Science but am seriously considering switching over to Computer Engineering even though programming is what I enjoy the most. I hope to meet some other Zaruii users soon.

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