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Full Version: Sqlite 3.0.8 For Zaurus
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I've built and ipk'd the latest (3.0.8) version of SQLite for the Zaurus using the standard Sharp SDK (gcc 2.95, etc.). Should be compatible with all Zaurii running a recent Sharp or Sharp-based ROM.This was requested in another thread but I figured I'd post the notice here in case anyone else is looking for it.
it would be really nice if it could be installed on the cf or sd card .... I'm hoping the answer is yes?
QUOTE(ken @ Nov 24 2004, 04:57 PM)
it would be really nice if it could be installed on the cf or sd card .... I'm hoping the answer is yes?

Unfortunately, you'll have to install to internal memory since SQLite is primarily a shared library and links have to be created, etc.

However, once installed you can move the sqlite3 DB manager application out of /usr/local/bin to a location of your choosing and free up 150KB. Further, if you're not compiling C/C++ apps directly on your Zaurus, you can nuke /usr/local/lib/libsqlite3.a and free up 1.7MB! That leaves just the .so and links (about 800KB) in internal memory.

First, I'm not sure if your IPK is broken, or my Zaurus is messed up, but after I installed your package I had to do this before sqlite3 could find the library:

mv /usr/local/lib/libsqlite3.* /usr/lib/
rm /usr/lib/
rm /usr/lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Not the most efficient way to do it, but you see what the point is, my Z doens't look in /usr/local/lib/ for anything. Is this normal, or do I need to fix something in my OS? I noticed there are not any other files (just some directories) in /usr/local/lib/ on my machine.

Aside from that it works great! I have several python apps that use sqlite databases on my Z. I am now converting all of my sqlite databases to the much smaller (and hoepfully faster) sqlite 3 format!

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Try this:

1. As root vi /etc/ and add a line with '/usr/local/lib'
2. as root execute 'ldconfig'
3. You should now be able to find libraries under /usr/local/lib


I try to configure with --prefix=/opt/QtPalmtop when building apps for Sharp ROMs. Then your apps will work properly with all Sharp ROMs without additional configuration.

Hope this helps.
QUOTE(stupkid @ Nov 29 2004, 09:02 AM)
I try to configure with --prefix=/opt/QtPalmtop when building apps for Sharp ROMs.

Yes, that's definitely the correct way to do things. Since this was a very quick "seat-of-the-pants" build with virtually no testing, I intentionally left the install dir as /usr/local to reduce the chance of nuking something important smile.gif Of course I should have mentioned the ldconfig step in my original post.

Since it appears to be stable, I'll rebuild with the correct prefix and release a new IPK in the next couple of days.
I'm just learning to do database work. Is there a recommended front end to sqlite that works on the Zaurus? How do you set it up?

I've set this up successfully on my pc:

QUOTE(wmadan @ Nov 29 2004, 12:59 PM)
Is there a recommended front end to sqlite that works on the Zaurus?

That sort of depends on what you're trying to do ...

SQLite comes with its own non-GUI front end that will let you run arbitrary SQL commands as well as some handy internal commands (eg. ".tables" will list all the tables in the current database). To use the tool with SQLite 3.x just do:
sqlite3 mydatabase.db

(replace "mydatabase.db" with the database file you want to open). If the DB file you specify doesn't exist, SQLite automatically creates it. It's not as friendly as a point and click GUI, but being able to create, manipulate, and query a database directly with SQL commands is an invaluable skill that would be worth learning. Of course since SQLite database files are completely portable (files created on X86 work fine on ARM, PowerPC, Sparc, etc), you can always use something like wtcSQLite on your PC to do the "heavy lifting" and then copy the DB file over to your Zaurus and query/manipulate it with sqlite.
Thanks, kopis, for the reply, I was thinking of a GUI front end. Any options for that?

The fact that sqlite is portable makes it very appealing. But I would want to do real work entering data on my Z, and being a graphical kind of person (I do better when I visualize things), I'd like something like wtcsqlite.

I do want to learn sql, so keeping to the command line isn't all bad.
There is a SQLite Database Browser that could theoretically be compiled for the Zaurus (since it's GUI is Qt based). If that's the kind of thing you're looking for, let me know and I may take a shot at building it.

If you're looking for a more "MS Access like" solution that lets you create data entry forms and reports, then you're on your own. SQLite databases are normally "used" by embedding the database in a custom application. Python + PySQLite works great for that but it does mean you have to write code (though it's a lot easier than coding a custom app in C++).

It would be great if you could compile Sqlitebrowser for the Sharp-based ROM, Cacko, etc. I have played around with this on Windows.

Unfortunately Sqlitebrowser is not going to happen any time soon (if at all) sad.gif

I took a shot at it but the code is written for Qt 3.x. I got past the qmake vs. tmake issues, but the .ui files are a slightly different XML format that the old Qt 2.x tools can't handle. I'd have to hand edit each one back into the older format. And then I'd still have to deal with any Qt classes that Sharp excluded from the Zaurus Qtopia build. That's just way more work than I have time for right now. I'd rather be working on getting PyqPlayer (my iPod-like mplayer front end) into a releasable state.
What about using the libraries from KDE PIM project:

They are a smaller version of the QT 3 libs. Might be worth checking out.
i'm working on a sqlite browser myself.
my goal is to have a spreadsheet-like list/data editor.
i would settle with hancom mobile shit, but its crap:
- WAY too slow on 200-300k files, and fatally bugged, lacks some features.

there is portabase, but i dont like it.
a sqlite-pyqt- data browser editor.
it will have also excel import export (this appears to be VERY easy)
i already wrote the app in VB already for windows.

i am still in doubt which approach to take:
- editable grid
- read-only grid, with editable record in text field beside it.

suggestions are very welcome
It sounds interesting.

A replacement for Hancom Sheet would be cool, but a spreadsheet and a database are quite different . A spreadsheet's main "feature" is the use of formulas, while a database just has to hold the data.

That said, I would make use of a sqlite browser. You might consider having some way to deal with fields containing large amounts of text. Most of the simple table viewers I've used fail at this point. I may put pages of info into a single "cell" of a database.
i'll take the large field into consideration.
my needs never got to more than 500k per cell, but why not?

my design now is to show the content of the current record on the side, in separate fields, since the main widget i'm using is not editable ("listView").

thus, it should be easy to display long texts or even images (from blobs) on the same screen.

oops.... 500 BYTE.
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