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Full Version: Gdb 6.3 Available
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OOPS, unsure.gif , sorry needs a bit more work and testing. I'll post more on this thread as and when.... again sorry to get your hopes up.
OK, well it does work. It bombs though if you are using pthreads debugging and libthread_db stuff isn't in the flash (I initially had it on SD card).

Unfortunately it doesn't seem any better with regards to stepping something like Quake... When you use step (not stepi) the debugger seems to not complete the current line before returning.. it's actually midway through the opcodes comprising the source line so when you hit step again it's gets awfully confused and seems to jump backwards in the source.

This is the behaviour that I was unhappy with in 5.2 and was hoping to avoid it.

If I find some positive improvement over 5.2 I will post it.

Sorry once again guys.

BTW: offroadgeek... need to add an embarrased smiley.

- Andy
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