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Full Version: Operational Issues
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One use I want to make of my c860 is to use it as a low power download device eg running mldonkey & using an USB external hard disk as storage. If I leave the unit on for extended periods of time (eg 2 or 3 days at a time with a wireless card), are the c860s prone to overheating at all?, am I likely to knacker the unit?

Thanks in advance
It should be fine. I've had my C750 on with the wireless card inserted and on, but not actually doing much, for a couple of days at a time with no problems. My 5500 has been on in a similar state for around a week or so continuously in the past and that's been unproblematic as well. The only possible heat problem as far as I can tell would be from the wireless card if it's active all the time, but I can't see it being at all destructive even then, particularly for a C860, with all that extra air in the battery cover to cool it down.

More pertinently, how would you attach a USB hard drive to a C860 while there's a wifi card in the CF slot? -- Unless you're planning on using one of those SD wifi cards, I guess.
I've left my 860 on for a week or more. There are no heat issues or similar, although sometimes I have problems where the screen won't turn on even though I can see everything fine on VNC.

I expect you won't have any problems, especially if you check on it from time to time.
Yep I'm getting confused with the SL6000 which does have a mini-USB port:(. Looks like I'll have to look into a supported CF USB card and maybe a supported USB network adapter
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