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Full Version: E17?
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anyone tried e17 yet on the zaurus ?

I saw some pictures a while back on raster's site with a zaurus running some test, good performance too it seems, unfortunately my zaurus is temp unavailable.

so anyone tested it ?

let me/us know
Yep both myself and raster have gotten it to work perfectly. He's even set it up to allow for multiple machine profiles, with 'HIRES_PDA' being one - just reduces the size and number of frames in the init animation... He's definitely planning on making this setting do a lot more, though. The idea is to have multiple layout managers - eg. for the zaurus it would focus on keeping apps full-screen and enable easy switching between them... But you'd still be free to change to the layout manager for, say, a lower-res pc that would behave slightly differently. That's the gist of it - talk to raster on irc if you want more smile.gif

I had all the EFLs built and in IPKs a couple of weeks back but they're far too outdated to use with the latest e17 in cvs.

They're VERY easy to build natively on the zaurus, or there are now openembedded build files for all of them if you use OE.

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