Hi all,

I visited my doctor, and he looked at the graphic plot on the "glucozaurus" program. (Which I didn't write, but I got ahold of the source and made a couple modifications for my own personal use...I wish the author was reachable, I have tried email but haven't heard back...hopefully if he takes the code back over he'll keep the changes I've made.) Although even with the added "rolling" average on the line plot, my doc said he could make judgements easier by looking at the actual data or averages of the data over "bins" like a histogram plot.

I thought about a histogram plot, but decided the actual numbers would be better, in some sort of summary report for the next doctor visit...and for myself to better adjust my insulin.

The new summary report feature displays the following:
Avg, Min, Max, #above the set upper limit, #below the set lower limit, and # between the limits or "normal" for 5 different chunks of time: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime, and Overnite. It also displays the rolling average total and colors it according to if it is normal (green) or falls over (red) or under (blue) your set limits. In this screenshot, the upper limit is set to 140, and the lower to 80.


This gives you a clear look at where about during the day that you are running too high, and is easier to look at vs. the raw data or a line plot.

In this version I also took out the "manufacturer" specific names of the insulin and just changed it to InsulinL (Long acting...i.e. Lantus, UltraLente or Bolus/Mixed) InsulinN (iNtermediate acting...i.e. Lente, NPH) and InsulinS (Short acting...i.e. Humalog, Novalog)

This program works great when you have a meter at work and one at home and want to combine/correlate the data...if you keep it updated. I hope that I can get my blood sugar in tighter control with this program.

Thanks to the author: bstahl@xs4all.nl

You can download the 0.3.2 version I made at:

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