When I edit a file in Konsole using vi, sometimes the first line of the file is not displayed. The result is that the first line shown is line 2 and if I edit the line, I'm actually changing line 1. I found that this problem only occurs when the file name is long enough to cause the vi status line at the bottom to wrap to a 2nd line. I tried re-installing libncurses5 (both testing and stable), but no difference. I have OZ 3.3.5. Anybody else seen this problem and have a solution?

Also, does anyone know of any documentation for the OZ vi? Most generic vi manuals aren't much help because most of the key assignments don't work. I'd like to know if I can create a vi initialization file (.virc?) and get a list of the functions supported for "define-key-map" commands. (My objective is to get the backspace and Del keys to work while in INSERT mode. It's a pain to have to keep exiting INSERT mode (ESC) and use x and X, then go back into INSERT mode.)