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Full Version: Opie Pim Apps And Kde-pim Apps.
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I settled on thekompany rom for my 5500, and added the opie pim applications because I heard they don't use Sharp's new 'LAME' file format and therefore could possibly be synced with my SuSE machine. I have been gooogling for days to find the actual files used for storing the address book, calendar, etc in opie-pim apps, as well as the files used by the KDE-pim apps on the PC side. I found some info regarding ics files, but it wasn't clear which apps used them.

I can handle sync just fine once I know what files are used by the apps, and whether they are the same format between the PC and the Zaurus.

My goal: Sync the files used by Opie pim apps with the files used by the KDE-PIM apps via wireless network connection (USB sucks).

If this has been asked to death, please forgive me. I couldn't find anything more that pieces of this puzzle. Howtos and other links very welcome. smile.gif
They are xml files in the /home/root/Applications/* directories

To sync to KDE apps (korganizer, kaddressbook, etc...) check out kitchensync--if you have a version of SuSE with KDE 3.3, you should be able to get the RPM.

Here is a useful article in Linux Journal explaining the setup.
Thanks. I will check that out. I use SuSE 9.2 Pro as my desktop OS so hopefully that helps. I noticed kitchensync was installed by default when I installed the OS, but I thought it was for Pocket PC's and the like.

Edit: Additionally I finally figured out the oz-compat issue with Openzaurus, and promptly went back to openzaurus 3.5.2 I liked thekompany rom but when it boils down to it, the OZ distro is my best bet for sync, number of apps, etc..
I checked out pi-sync after a failed attempt at making kitchensync work. The apps KO/pi (Korganizer-embedded), KA/pi (Kaddressbook-embedded), and OM/pi (Opie-mail) sync like a champ with their counterparts on my SuSE 9.2 machine. All I had to do was a simple GUI-based setup of pi-sync on my desktop and install the apps on my Z and now my Zaurus is syncing with Linux for the first time since I went to the 3.1 based roms.

You are able to sync OM/PI? To which application, KMail? I would be very interested to know how you did this. . .
I got ahead of myself. I have KO/Pi and KA/Pi syncing, but OM/Pi does not. I thought about this and realized it wasn't worth the time to make it sync, I just set it up to do e-mail directly with my server and made sure it left the messages on the server. The address book and calendar are the only apps that need to sync as far as PIM data goes, since OM/Pi feeds off the KA/Pi contacts list anyway.

Oh.. and I switched back to OZ 3.5.2. I liked thekompany rom, but development looks pretty dead on that front and OZ is way nicer on the eyes.
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