I am running KO/PI 1.9.4 on Kathrin RC 5 and love it- except when it crashes. When ever I try to toggle a "to do" as done in the to do view, it crashes. I've run KO/PI from the command line to get greater info on the crash and have found that it is exiting on an "illegal instruction". Also, KO/PI is complaining on not being able to find a
file. When in the general view, I am able to toggle to dos as done, without problem.
I have moved my entire kdepim directory aside and restarted KO/PI, generating new prefrences, and it still does not generate the docprefs.todolist file and crashes at the same point. I would create the pref file by hand and see if it stablized the program, if I knew its syntax. I am not using any filters, either. It seems to be able to toggle a task as done, but unable to figure out what to do next, probably due to the lack of a prefs file. In my experimenting and restarting from the first launch, I found it also failed to create other prefs files at times, causing the entire application to fail to launch at all. Has anyone else encountered these problems? Anyone suggest solutions?