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Full Version: Z Case- What Are You Using?
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I have seen a case on ebay, but it doesn't look very good (and it sure is expensive!). Other than that I haven't seen anything that mentions the Z, and nothing else that looks remotely suitable.

What do you keep, carry and/or use their Z in?
Where can I get one?

I use a leather GBA case that I picked up from Game for £5. Fits an SL5500 perfectly, with a pocket for your CF cards as well...
I think I posted this elsewhere, but for my 5000D I'm using a Case Logic PLTK10, which is basically just a holster, but fits the 5000D very nicely indeed and does a pretty good job (there is an elastic band than can hold it in place if desired). Only about $15, too; a good cheapie.

I recently purchased a black/tan color leather Chairmans Case from Expansys - it is actually made by Piel Frama of Spain. It fits my SL5600 just fine - it is actually sold for SL-5500. It is expensive though - but sure very special. Highly recommended.
I use the $18 CO-53 Clip-On Holster from Holster Depot.
Do you use the Clip on version or the Belt loop version of the CO-53?
QUOTE(JohnKiniston @ Dec 25 2004, 10:11 PM)
Do you use the Clip on version or the Belt loop version of the CO-53?

I use the clip on version.
Goes on and comes off easily, with or without a belt.
Plenty of room for some cards, earbuds and more.
The Piel Frama case is great if you need frequent access to the various connectors and expansion ports. Except that the power connector hole on mine won't accept a standard connector. mad.gif Someday, I'll have to try whittling down the plastic on the connector a bit to see if that solves it. I wouldn't like it nearly as much if I hadn't saved a bundle buying it second-hand, though. biggrin.gif

Along with that convenience comes a downside, though: there's no protection to keep dirt and debris from getting into the expansion slots. If you carry the Z in environments where that's a risk, you want a case that zips around, or a holster-style case with a flap over the top.

The Case Logic "Strongman" cases are nice if you don't like gluing Velcro to expensive electronics or paying big bucks for custom-designed cases. The clip that they use to hold the PDA in place feels strong enough that I actually dismantled a couple of cases to use the clips for vehicle mounts. Note that they come in different sizes (some too small for a Z) and different style: one of the cases I dismantled is a "semi-hardshell", made of some kind of high-density foam. It was too small for the Z, but provides great protection for my pocket MP3 players in the car. I wouldn't trust it to hold up to being sat upon, but it kept the contents from being squished by bags of groceries. They might make a larger version of that one, if you want some shock protection/

Those Case Logic Strongarm cases also have just the right amount of room to connect a Zthincable to while its being held down.
This is nice for a USB charge cable as you can leave it in the case/mount to charge. There are feet at the bottom to hold it up, and one of them block the power on a 5500

I use them to hold a Zaurus with a slim (Ambicom WL100C and Linksys WCF12, Dlink 660W was too fat) WiFi card in the front pouch.

Cheap cases too at ~$10.
I've been debating if I should file down the bottom feet 2mm to allow the keyboard cover to slide open while it is in the case.
QUOTE(systemparadox @ Dec 5 2004, 11:30 AM)
What do you keep, carry and/or use their Z in?
Where can I get one?

For a while (over a year) I've had my Z in a small metal tin, padded with a mismatched sock, in the front of my backpack.

Of course, I wasn't trying to use it during that time, and as the case is a bit larger than the Z I can't (well... don't want to biggrin.gif) use that any more.

I took a look at the "Ripoffs" cases at Holster Depot, but they seem to just use stiff foam and ballistic nylon. I'm thinking that I might just sit on the case or cram a couple oranges and a bottle of wine on top of it in my backpack and break the screen or something.

Is there a more durable case that I can get or make? I do have access to some metalworking facilities, but a pre-made solution would be much easier (and not take a long time to make).
Got mine from the pouch.

Not too expensive and a good fit too!
I use a generic body glove neoprenet "data suit" which fits the Z, has a stylus holder and a pocket for the cf cards. Here is one for 7 bucks!

I bought mine at best buy or something a few years ago, looks like the styles have changed somewhat. plenty of padding. mine is a snug fit on The sl5500
I had a number of Psion cases left over from my older Psion models. I just throw the 5500 in there. Zips up, and has a couple pockets for business cards, earbuds, usb sync cable, and cf wireless cards...all in a leather, padded case that's 7"x4"x1". biggrin.gif
the grinder gear basecamp

Very rugged (once fell with my motorbike, the case and the Z were still intact - the bike and me weren't)
swivel clip
extra pockets
fits my C860 quite good

I think its now called Xtreme gear basecamp or someting.

Just went out and purchase a Case Logic Strongarm PTL-12.
Has slots for business and data cards, a zipper mesh pocket for earbuds, wifi card, USB sync cable, ring binder with note pad, holder for pen and a holder for sylus, and the PDA mound allows me to open the keyboard cover while my 5500 is held in place.
My only complaint is the Strongarm arms get in the way of closing the screen cover all the way. Oh well....
Only $15 at CompUsa.
3 words:
Comes ready to install, Waterproof, Crushproof, (tested in a shower, and I sttod on it: I weigh 13.5 stone)
Fantastic! Only a couple' problems. It's quite good at sound-sealing too, so I need it out to play music. Also, There's not enough room for a big ol' expansion card like a Wifi or GPRS card. the more expensive 3600 solves this bug, but I couldn;'t afford it.
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