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Full Version: Browsing The Windows Network
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Ok I know I should be able to smbmount a shared folder if I know the server address/name but how do I brows the workgroup ALA network neiborhood??? Is there a GUI? I looked at the lycoris site but it looks like they havnt released it yet.

Any ideas appreciated..

No GUI that I'm aware of, but smbclient ( should allow you to do something like this:
smbclient -L pc204-134 -I

(I don't know why our screwy network requires us to specify both the hostname with -L and the IP address with -I)

and be presented with a list of servers that you can browse to.

Then, a command like this:
smbclient \\\\my_windows_host\\c$ -I -U my_win_username -W my_domain

[Note that all backslashes are escaped (ie, doubled)]
(again, I don't know why we had to specify the IP addr of my_windows_host)

should start a client session with my_windows_host, where you can do this:

smb: \> dir
to get a remote dir listing

smb: \> pwd
to get the remote working directory name

smb: \> !pwd
to get the local working dir name

smb: \> get somefile
to get a file

and, finally:
smb: \> quit

to do the obvious.
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