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Full Version: Roadmap For Pdaxrom
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biggrin.gif I have a Zip file with roadmap and flite software which will work! Pascal Martin compiled this for us to share, maybe someone could make it into a ipk. It is just under 4 meg. which is too large to attach here. Does someone have a place I can send it for others to download? This is for maps of USA only, same maps as the Qtopia version that was on the Sharp site last year. Screen rotation works, etc. It is missing two icon in the gps status module but still works. When we have a site to share from just unzip and copy the files into the same directory on your Zaurus, (make the directories if they are not there). I have only used this with a CF GPS.
If you want, I can throw it up on my server at home - send me a PM if you want to do this...

Have you tried the upload section of the ZUG? It states the max upload limit is 9.7 meg. Let us know where you end up posting it I'd certainly like to have a go at it. wink.gif .

Thanks for sharing,
anyone here with knowledge in GIS ? does roadmap acept other countries ? What is the "data" format it reads ? I have my whole city detailed, readable in arcview ... in a standard format ... I am wondering if I can convert it smile.gif (here I run to get a gps from somewhere)
I'm in GIS production (and mapping, surveying, road design)

We did some conversions from arcview to tom-tom (very basic)
If someone can tell me where i can find the maps that already work, i'll try figure out the format and do a conversion of one of the maps I have in Arcview (e.g. streetnet).

Are your files already in .shp or do you have to import them in arcview ?

did a bit of searching :

Roadmap uses it's own file-format. The software comes with conversion tools so you can user the "TIGER" maps. (only available of the US ?)
I already found a tool to convert from TGR (tiger) to shp, but what we need is a tool that does the opposite.

I'll try to find something like this. If someone has it, please post.

I found this site :
Conversion .tgr to .e00 or .e00 to .tgr

.e00 is the MAPINFO format. I think you can export to MAPINFO in ArcView.
Once you have the .e00 format, you can use the link to convert to .tgr.
Roadmap can read/convert .tgr (= tiger/line) files.

Redid zip file with just roadmap and its files (left out flite).

I unzip and copy files to correct directory on Zaurus (may need to create them).
I got my city map in .SHP ... my wife works at GIS also ... the represent ESRI in my country actually smile.gif so that is why I get the .shp for my city smile.gif hehe they got it higly detailed.
just export to .e00 (also an ESRI format) and then use the link above to convert to .tgr
The rest should be included in zRoadmap.

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