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Full Version: Z Sl-6000 Icons For Mac
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In anticipation of receiving my Z for Christmas, I was fooling around with some photos of the SL-6000L I'd pulled from one of the PDA review sites.

This fooling around resulted in some not-too-shabby Aqua desktop icons of the SL-6000 for Mac OS X. They might work on XP and Linux boxes, too; I don't know. One is an angled profile of the Z with a drop shadow, one without the drop shadow, and one full front view.

You can download them as a Pixadex iContainer or a .sit folder here: h**p:// (look in the appropriate folder)

Hope someone can find these useful. I'm not a graphic designer, but I think these turned out quite well and I had some fun doing it.
What programs to open the files in Windows?
You'll need the gratis Stuffit Expander for the .sit file:

As far as I know, the iContainer file is only compatible with the Mac apps Pixadex and CandyBar.

It's been years since I sat in front of a Win computer, so as I already mentioned, I don't know if these will work as-is. These are Aqua icons, which means that they can be resized in real-time up to 128x128 pixels and don't need separate resources for various sizes. Maybe XP can handle it. I do know that you can save an image as a .bmp file and then rename the extension .ico to make a proper Win icon.

Hope that helps. If you get it working, please post and confirm for others' benefit.

Incidentally, I added yesterday a closed (as opposed to the expanded keyboard) frontal view of the SL-6000 to the icon package. I also downloaded some shots of the 5600 that I'll be "iconizing" later this afternoon when I've got some more time to play.
I've just added a series of icons for the SL-5600. There are two side views (expanded and closed), both with drop shadow and without, and a very nice frontal view.

Geez, it sounds like I'm describing something pornographic. Geek porn, maybe.

Like the SL-6000 icons, they're available here as either a Pixadex iContainer and a .Stuffit archive. Someday I'll get around to doing sets for the other series.

Yesterday I also posted a set of ready-made .ico files for Windows as a .zip file, available from my iDisk.
I've attached a screenshot for the skeptics.

That's a 96x96 view, and they can enlarge to 128x128.
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