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In support of some larger changes (details to come wink.gif ), the admins discussed minor changes to be made with the forums.

1. We've done away with guest posting. Going forward, guests may read all forums, just not post in any. This shouldn't be a big issue, as registration is free and simple, and we obviously don't spam (well, obvious to current members).

- If you want to become a temporary moderator of these forums to help move posts, just PM me or any of the admins

- Admins/moderators - please don't leave a 'topic moved' link in the old forums... it'll just be a waste. Also, check out the 'Mod CP', this is where that tool is really helpful.

2. The two guests forums (newbie issues and general discussions) are now closed, and all posts within them will be moved to other appropriate forums. We created these two forums to help limit guest posting, and control the crap that came in. Since then, there hasn't been much abuse, but these forums contain many threads that are duplicated in other "member only" forums. This redundancy is not good with forums.

3. Both the 'zJobs' and 'Request a ZUG' forums have been removed, and all the posts within those forums have been moved to the 'site suggestions, requests, and updates' forum. They weren't very active, and there's no reason why they couldn't be consolidated.

4. A 'Model Specific Forums' category has been created, and the 'General Discussion' and 'Hardware' forums for the 5x00, C series, 6000, and 3000 have been consolidated under this category. Having multiple forums under different categories named the same drove me crazy. Then you use the drop down menus to move posts, or when "jumping" to another forum, you couldn't tell which was which.

And that's pretty much it... as I said before, more details on the other upcoming changes will be announced soon.

Don't hesitate to reply with your feedback/complaints, etc.

Thanks and enjoy!
Thanks ORG! I like the new forum arrangement -- it is much cleaner than before.
I think all the recent changes are excellent. I've been going to suggest consolidating the model specific forums for some time but just hadn't gotten around to it smile.gif

To all tha admins/moderators let me just say "great job!" I for one really appreciate your hard work and dedication to maintaining the value of these forums smile.gif
Reading through the FAQ, I saw that a lot of entries could be updated/changed/improved. Want me to take look at it? (I love nitpicking).
You can PM me or email me: ben at talon dot nl
I like the new general layout. ph34r.gif
Other thing: people barely ever post news on the front page, need anyone to take care of that? It might even improve the inflow of people to the forums smile.gif
Model Specific Forums names aren't really clear (you need the text to figure out which models you're talking about). Might as well put the model numbers in the forum titles?
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