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Full Version: Building Software For My C760
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Hi, is it possible to build software for my c760? Ideally, I'd like to build the binaries on my Gentoo box then transfer them to the Zaurus. How do I set this up?

I'm mostly interested in building DosBox and Imagemagick at the moment. Also, does it matter what OS my Zaurus has? I use Cacko, but I found someone on the web who built DosBox for her/his Debian Zaurus--maybe I can just ask him/her.


pdaXrom provides a SDK for cross compiling
My guess is you should go for this.

checkout -> downloads

Building software for the Zaurus is pretty easy.

Do some search onthis forum and you should get the SDK's (apart from the PdaXRom SDK that was mentioned in the earlier thread).

If you are using Cacko ROM (which is Sharp ROM based) then you will need different SDK's. Apps for Sharp rom are QT based and hence you need to have compilers againt that and a cross-comiler for compiling to the ARM platform on your CPU. (everthing available thru search)

On the otherhand if you want to develop for PDAXROm, that is different again from the Sharp rom in it base layer.

Plus there is Python and PyQT for developing apps for the Zaurus usiing Python.
(PyQT is the QT wrapper class).

For terminal apps, you could use Perl too (this I think has no GUI component).
Well, I don't wan't to develop. I just want to be able to build already developed software. Kinda like:

make install

type idea... but do that on my Gentoo box for my Zaurus. How do set something like this up?

That's exactly what the pdaXrom cross-compiler does.

If you want to compile for the normal Sharp rom or cacko rom then this will help you

Compiler Setup

If you want to compile for pdaX then this should help Developer and programing FAQ

otherwise you might be interested in Gentoo For zaurus

Also there is a wealth of info on these forums - if you're using gentoo forums then you should already know how to search the forums wink.gif

QUOTE(Stubear @ Dec 12 2004, 12:51 AM)
Also there is a wealth of info on these forums - if you're using gentoo forums then you should already know how to search the forums wink.gif

There's a fundamental difference between these forums and the Gentoo forums: The FAQs.

Most of the FAQs on the ZUG are outdated (by a year or more). When I first was learning Gentoo their FAQs were indispensible; however, using the same learning methods for my Zaurus hasn't worked the same. My purpose for telling you this is not to start a rant, but just provide an observation. I think the main difference between the two forums is the sheer amount of people using them. Gentoo has many many many more users than Zaurus, and I blame that on the simple fact that Zaurus is hardware and Gentoo is sofware (and the fact that one can only get most Zauri in Japan! argh!). Therefore, there are more frequent questions and frequent answers and more people to update FAQs.

So after re-reading that last paragraph, maybe the fundamental difference is the number of users...

Anyway, I don't mean to light any flames or anything.

Thanks for the info. It looks like Gentoo for Zaurus might be the answer.

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