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Full Version: Sweet To The Eyes.. But
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I got my 6K two days ago and the display is amazing. cool.gif

But I was disappointed to hear that it still has that blasted alarma300 wave file as the default sound and that it can't be changed. I was obsessed with finding a fix for it on the 5600 and never did find a solution. It appears as though the 6000s have that same sound. mad.gif

I really hate sitting in a meeting with Palm and WinCE owners and having my alarm go off. Hey, look at me, I run Linux, MySQL, Apache, X11, and all kinds of freaking other stuff but I can't change that sound!
But if you know the filename, why not overwrite it by something else?
You would *think* it would be as easy as replacing the WAV in /home/QtPalmtop/sounds/. Alas, its not to be. Even BuzConfig couldn't change the sound of the alarm application. I guess the Sharp ROM points to /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/sounds/alarma300.wav directly. That's dumb.
I've even symlinked the entry in /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/sounds/ to a different wave file and it still didn't work. I eventually contacted Sharp's support and they said that it was 'compiled' in and could not be changed.

Maybe the new Qtopia release will have a way to change it.
I doubt it. If you want an app with customized alarms then kde pim pi is the only one I know of. It has a default alarm, but you can also specify a sound file to use.
Anyone knows which binaary is the alaema300 hardcoded in? i cannot find it in datebook. i am thinking of modifying the binary directly to call another wave file. not sure if this possible at all wink.gif
I'm not sure that it's hard coded in any one application because so many of them "use" it (for example qpeAlarmClock, konsole, built in PIM datebook). I was thinking it was something in the OS or Qtopia kind of how Windows has a default beep wave event.
Yeah... I actually hex edited the applications on my Windows machine (dunno if there's a good Linux hex editor yet tongue.gif ) to see if I could actually find a file reference in there. No dice on that regard, but I found some Alarm type calls that indicate its a Qtopia function. Didn't really investigate much further.
there was a discussion on this a while back. The alarm is built into the kernel.
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